Reducing-cooling equipment (DOC) are applied as necessary elements of the basic technological schemes of thermal and nuclear power plants. They are part of puskosbrosnogo equipment used to power the steam reservoir own needs and heating networks. Therefore, the reliability of doc is largely dependent reliability and security of the entire plant. Reducing-cooling equipment working in very difficult circumstances. In their steam throttle valve and throttle lattices triggered large differences in pressure reaches 22 MPa. Strong turbulent vapor flow, whose velocity in separate cells reaches the speed of sound and exceeds it, causing a strong vibration, which leads to a decrease in reliability design and helps to generate high noise levels, harmful and dangerous to human health. Some structural elements of the doc are severe erosion and corrosion caused by water.

water can accumulate in the pipeline, which threatens the emergence of water hammer. In Soviet times, the doc released by plant Energy Engineering (CHZEM) and the Barnaul boiler plant (Sibenergomash). To date, bkz ceased production of doc, but the demand for this equipment was the reason to continue the output. Former members of oao Sibenergomash was established enterprise jsc "DOC". In our work we rely on many years experience and plants chzem Sibenergomash in the production and supply of equipment. To date, the Company "DOC" produces a wide nomenclature of power valves.