Great interest for the aeroscan at the marathon fair Dormagen, April 1, 2010 for performance Diagnostician Thomas Kanana the Freiburg Marathon Expo was a real home game. The 30-year franchise partner of took advantage of the well-attended event to present itself to its future customers. Together with Andreas Kaminski from the Dormagen headquarters of he has many useful tips on how they can improve their athletic endurance performance the runners and runners. Certainly been the one or the other party here, which has already the next marathon in sight and with a healthy and effective training to prepare. Some partners were interested in very the new kind of endurance performance diagnosis and future cooperation.

Now, athletes of all disciplines in the Freiburg, you can determine your individual training zones based on the aeroscan can have. The measurement professional with the help of the aeroman in 10 minutes can be done, is intended not only for professionals. Also Sporteinsteiger and older people can benefit from the new type of training control. Loading areas, which are tailored to the personal athletic goals, empty can”avoid training sessions. A full physical exertion and the annoying loosen, as with conventional performance tests, can be eliminated thanks to the new methodology of the aeroscan. The aeroscan also for the special requirements of the weight reduction is thanks to the accurate measurement of fat and carbohydrate metabolism. In combination with dietary advice can be optimally the individual fat burning range adjust to the intensity of the associated sporting movement.

Stubborn training much helps the motto much”is thanks to the new method of the past. The test center by diploma-sport scientists KLINGENBERG is located in the salt Road 1 in Freiburg. Thanks to the high-quality home h/p/cosmos and Daum Ergometer, with him to the Use get, accurate measuring results for endurance, fitness and health athletes can be achieved. More information on the subject of performance diagnostics with the aeroman professional find freiburg and on the Web at. Andreas Heinen head of corporate communications