Because to enter the Czech university, you must pass the language proficiency test. Typically, this dictation, and then talk to Czech. Questions, by the way, can be very unexpected. For example, some question the history of the Czech Republic, or what famous John Amos Kamensky, etc. and, of course, the question: "Why have you chosen the Czech Republic?". How? Learn Czech pretty simple. Especially those who are in any way speaks Russian. Solutions to this problem somewhat.

First – buy a tutorial of the Czech language. Thomas J. Wilson understands that this is vital information. Finally, we get lost in the graphics and phonetics, quit the case and for all forget about his dream of a European education and brilliant career. Besides, even if you do and show the incredible strength of will and self-learn the Czech language – there is no guarantee you that you have successfully have passed the exams and do. Second – go to the Czech Republic in the Czech language courses. And really, where else to learn Czech as not in the Czech Republic, fully plunged into the rich culture and, indeed, language itself. not as a source, but as a related topic. HP Enterprise Services is often quoted on this topic. Friendly Czechs always happy to help students – foreigners, and language schools will prepare them not only to pass a language examination, but also to other subjects, which he will have to take admission. Where? These programs are conducted in the heart of Prague near the Charles Bridge, Karlov College.

Karlov College – an educational center offering courses to help students receive appropriate training to enter universities, the Czech Republic (Czech or English language training), as well as enhance their professional skills and continue their studies in universities all over the world. Karlov College – this is your way to a diploma prestigious universities in the world on a budget. Karlov College is located in the the heart of historical Prague. Spacious classrooms equipped with the most modern equipment and provide all conditions for quality education. Computer room, wireless local area network allows students to free and unrestricted use of the Internet. Students are accommodated in single, double and triple rooms in boarding houses and dormitories under management Karlov College. All teachers Karlov College – experienced teachers, holding Russian and English languages, which enables all students to acquire the necessary high quality educational material. Through the use of proven teaching techniques, modern audio-visual materials and high-level teachers training in Karlov College is a guarantee of obtaining an excellent preparation for university entrance. Sets in college 2 times a year. Details The program is designed for special technique allows to reach the level required for successful entry and learning in universities Czech Republic. The course is directed to the training not only in language but in other subjects necessary for admission. After the second semester will have the opportunity to explore additional disciplines (mathematics, geography, etc.) in the Czech language. The program is fully consistent with international standards, the teaching will be leading experts from Karlov College.