If you think your cat lost much hair or have an angora or a Persian and you think that this so suavecito lint could well you come from coat collars, this is your chance. It is true that with regard to articles on skin seen very much, from animal print patterns until covered with synthetic skin that just the controversy about the use of animals. Different detail I’ve noticed in some designers, is out of the classic and play with the textures to really simulate an animal look in the appearance of your garments, using details of skin. But I have found a proposal that is not only completely novel within the sector of accessories in leather design, if not also makes a side to the controversial use of animals for fashion. They are wallets and accessories made entirely with hair cat, obtained by shearing them, just as we would with a sheep. My own cats, Blanquito and Phoebe, one is hairy white and all the years we do it shave because it suffers a lot the gobs of hair that are raised in the summer, the case seems to me an excellent idea use their hair to make a very interesting complement and novdoso. Meanwhile Phoebe, grey and white, lustrous, color pewter inside, I think that your cat lanita would be beautiful on a capping.

Cat hair can be stained and combine, to form these splendid accessories that stand out on any set. Perhaps even in a future they could occur this way, pullovers, socks and hats. The bags are soft, beautiful and eccentric. Ideal for lovers of cats, take these portfolios is loaded with a minimum in the arms.