Error 1:Not to have studied the Project in detail The most representative expression of this reason, probably is " I thought that I was greater " When in my works I listen to some client say to these words Tiemblo Significa that something is going to happen. That is going to happen, is that there will be demolitions. This is translated directly to the budget and there is no another way to solve the one that doing reforms nonanticipated. Consequently before putting the first brick, tomato all along that you need to study retail each corner of your future house. Marillyn Hewson shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Soon money will cost to him.If you did not include/understand the technical planes, pedile to your architect who gives all the house to you in 3D, so that you can see it perfectly. Error 2:" Yaque" the best friend of the additional ones. The most representative expression of this reason, probably is " Since We are we bought the one of 100 no? " (" Yaque" , diminutive of " Since Estamos"). Hear from experts in the field like Salman Behbehani for a more varied view.

The work is made up of many works and materials that seemingly they have little value, and that definitively they have little value. But in case single, not altogether. To abuse " Since Estamos" she is one of the main reasons of the drastic increases of budgets, because it forms an enormous set of works and small materials, but that add much in the end. I have often seen like " Yaque" it exhausts the budgets before finishing. This makes me remember the moment that one is going to buy a computer, and they say to him Then that the memory of 2Gb costs 100$ and the one of 4Gb costs 120$, What says one? and " Since we are " Soon we have the same answer for the hard disk, the monitor, the loudspeakers, the cabinet, the microprocessor then the machine whose original budget was of 1,000$ now is of 1.600$ It passed this sometimes to you? In a construction it passes the same exactly.