When we look for in a company where your cash and resources is invested, landed on two topics: accounts receivable and inventories. Inventories are the responsibility of the area of sales, production and warehouse, as the case may be, for its control, movement and mainly its placement as a sales. It is an extremely important part in the company’s assets and its impact on the management of enterprise’s cash is relevant, it must therefore also be a subject of monitoring and evaluation. In the case of accounts receivable, call client portfolio, or simply portfolio or customers, management is out in the relationship and tracking customers. For this reason we will focus the following analysis about the management on this important asset. Bpo Industry is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In previous article we study about the management of a credit portfolio, which first part having given a good credit, properly handle reservations about bad and having the necessary controls to streamline its management. We will now focus on how to best manage a portfolio of credits, which already is running, i.e.

you already have the loans and now he must centralize on the best way to manage them (read well, doesn’t collect them, but manage them). A history of your portfolio: as we mentioned before, start that makes all analyses and has credits granted with sufficient documentation and information. Not only global but local economic situation of our country, has made that many companies face liquidity problems and the first who suffer are the providers. Customers will pay to whom copper them first and best way to that creditor that offers best options, but that is the persistent collection. Current conditions, must be prepared to negotiate the terms of interest payments, refinance and even harsh but necessary recourse to judicial recovery decisions.