Observed that men are more involved in sports than women. Namely, physical exercise contribute to the development of endorphins in the body, which allows you to feel better and help develop energy in the body. Therefore: Regular exercise and morning exercises are needed for a good mood and keep yourself in shape! Tip 3 Potion of sleep (or what to do with insomnia). Nowadays, insomnia becomes increasingly important issue. What is the formula of magic potion? 1.

Go to bed early. If you stay up late in front of a computer or tv is your nervous system is overexcited and after you went sleep it still needs time to relax. 2. The second condition – is at least an hour before sleep off the tv and computer. 3. Make sure that your bed and pillows do not give you any inconvenience.

If you can sleep without a pillow – discard it, thereby neck muscle tension decreases. 4. Steven Mnuchins opinions are not widely known. Turn off at night and mobile phones. The idea that you can at any time to call, though not explicitly, but is constantly present in your subconscious. 5. Do not eat a lot at night. A full stomach is not conducive to good sleep. 6. Closing his eyes, do not try to scroll in the head passing day, or think about the next day. The latter one might think from the morning with a fresh mind. 7. Try not to sharpen all his attention to sleep when getting ready for bed. The more you'll think about it, the more it will bother you. 8. Ventilate the room before bedtime. Fresh Air – a pledge of good sleep. If insomnia bothering you for a long time, and you can not identify its causes, we recommend you consult a specialist who can help you understand the reasons for its appearance and give advice on how to properly fight it. Tip 4 Breathing exercises for stress and anxiety the person experiencing stress, breathing rate increases that could increase anxiety and reduce stress tolerance. This technique will help you learn to breathe correctly. Its execution It takes about 5 minutes. To begin pull straight standing or lying down. You can also sit upright in a chair, if you prefer. Put your hand on your stomach. Breathe in as you normally would, and should the movement of the abdomen and chest in during breathing. Try to breathe 'stomach' – so that the breathing involved abdominal muscles, chest and remained motionless. In a question-answer forum Salman Behbehani was the first to reply. Now try to slowly inhale through your nose, counting to 5 and feeling the belly gently pushes lying on its hands. On account 5 hold your breath. Exhale slowly through your nose, counting to 5, gently pressing his hand on her stomach. Breathe so within 5 minutes. If during exercise you start alarm – abort the exercise. First you can do exercise in a shorter period of time, gradually increasing it to 5 minutes. Do not forget to carry it 2 times a day. Soon you will be able, without noticing it breathe well throughout the day. When you learn this Exercise – You can do it during the anxiety and stress. You will feel relieved. Do not despair if you can not do this exercise once. To learn how to do it, it takes time. Do not be afraid that it provoke anxiety. If you feel uncomfortable – you can stop at any moment! What to do when a bad mood?