The media of quality, the value of the marks and the new technologies have been united in Box and More. To read the press in its traditional format, the form, already is possible in the electronicses. Newspapers and magazines. Up to 90 publications of general and specialized information it offers Box More and, a platform led by HASTE and Vocento and articulated around the main communications groups in Spanish, who was presented/displayed yesterday in the Palace of Cibeles of Madrid. Box and More supposes a radical change in the way to consume the information. In a screen, or through the intelligent tablets, movable telephones or of a computer, the user can accede to an ample catalogue of heads. The classic columns of newspapers and magazines move to the digital world. The users will be able to interact with the news, to file news articles, to share articles in Twitter and Facebook, to print them and to listen to them through a voice system. Source of the news: : It abra his own Box in house.