Navy vessel of the Republic of China (Taiwan) brings relief to a Taiwanese naval vessel with 530 tonnes of supplies on board left Philippines on 25 November the Zuoying naval base in the southern Taiwan, to help the Philippines strongly hit by the Typhoon Haiyan. “In response to the news of the devastation in the Philippines, President has instructed Ying-jeou immediately the Government MA to work with the local non-governmental organizations in the area of disaster relief, together”, said the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ting Joseph Shih. This measure will highlight Taiwan’s role as a provider of humanitarian aid and strengthening the public private partnership. According to Foreign Minister Shihs, Minister Lin said statements that the relief effort for the Philippines smoothly, with hundreds of tonnes of relief supplies that have come together in a very short time. The Taiwanese Foreign Ministry let it be known that Taiwan until 25 November, with more than 7,27 million US dollars to the relief Disaster relief operations have contributed. With accessories such as clothes, drinking water, rice, solar panel generators and tents loaded, will the Navy ship Chung Hey-class”as expected within four days in Cebu in the central Philippines arrive. Citing statistics of the Philippine “national disaster risk reduction and Management Council”, reported the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the Typhoon – one of the strongest storms that have ever met a South East Asian country – have affected nearly 10 million people and caused nearly 4,000 deaths.