Spreaker is an online platform innovative where you can create and share content audio without any support software, simply accessing the web page. Spreaker users, using a unique service that gives them the possibility to increase the functionality of their blogs combining music and words to text content. It is now possible to give voice to the words of your web page, the only thing that should be done is to access the platform, registered, and once confirmed the account, start using the Spreaker technology. Podcast are performed with the deejay console and with the embed code, it is possible to insert into your own page a window that plays the recorded podcast: receiving your messages to increase the number of readers may be amended without changing the design. With Spreaker no longer necessary bring your own laptop, from anywhere in the world by clicking can develop your podcast, save it to your profile and every time you want to listen to again it! Your podcast will be shared by more than 100,000 users that every month they use our platform! The blog change music, and becomes a page multichannel in which words and audio blend in a same way.