An irrepressible Renaissance is presently experiencing with systematic referral marketing to referral marketing success. In the good old word of mouth shifted increasingly to the Internet. Good is strongly recommended, inferior, however, mercilessly sorted out. And people make use of it rigorously. Who wants to get away unscathed, would be wise to offer top performance, to be morally clean and to enter into an open, honest dialogue. Because in our globally connected world, everything comes out sooner or later. Also must be understood how, when and why Word of mouth works. In the relationship triangle between recommendation, recommendation receiver and recommended companies are therefore following considerations useful: what motivates a man to benevolent act as ambassadors and referrers? For whatever reason, we look for love to the good advice of our fellow human beings? Under what circumstances are companies and their offers recommended? Finally the recommendation must no longer be left to chance, but it can and must be developed systematically.

The methods are varied and offline – as also relevant to online. Following aspects are illuminated in this eBook closer: buzz marketing, a controlled mouth representing Association, which works with testimonials and references viral marketing, as online referral marketing applies strategic referral marketing, marketing of the future tell a friend referral marketing to the social Web 2.0 who is only really recommended, indeed is recommended. To do this, highly motivated employees needed – in addition to significant offerings and has an excellent reputation. People who can provide not only excellence, but above all also want this. It is based on a customer-focused corporate culture. Be appreciation show careful and reliable, be better, be faster to customer-relevant solutions search, cause good feelings, provide inspiring conversation by continually fascinating purchase experiences: this is what the Market is then rewarded with positive word of mouth. En masse, recommendations are the best way to free new business.