This sounds not only in the ears of fanatical quality automotive buyers at an angle. “” But even when the customer is on a distinction between noble “accepts German and Asian production, no later than when the first quality deficiency or delay in delivery the supplier is from the quality House with the good name with Asia scrap”. With the low prices from wage dumping countries you also get own competitors in the House. This experience is especially painful when the new prices really liked the own long-standing customers: got great prices in our new project! Then you offer new look all our current when you printed circuit boards with Asian production me! “.” This is the first step to be done then considered an all shell-bearing risks of the buyer, their overpriced manufacturing gradually dies down. Whether landslide-like or by gradual substitution the infirmity is of own production, also calculative speed: like sales rise and the euro from the far East business is quickly earned the margin but will not suffice to generate the cash flow necessary for new investment.

Consequently the own machinery obsolete and only the retreat in the small series and express business remains with the resulting lower production safety with regard to maximum capacity and quality. So there, where higher scrap rates are no longer as relevant to margin. “” Ultimately placing himself involuntarily in the only situation where the erstenAnschein after head plates trading might work: the turnover-prone media “and high volumes” from far-East, the pattern of own House. Apparently some manufacturers as a way with future it also consider, to keep as a repair shop for the rework of failed remote East boards over water. For Andreas Bruggen, the exclusion of a remote Eastern cooperation is only the first step. All other measures designed, be a clearly defined To represent an alternative to the low-cost provider.

“This can be for example also the price, if you the customer the so-called total cost of ownership” can convey. Here then play a big role in addition to quality especially short delivery distances, consulting presence and securing resources locally. Also Andreas Bruggen is convinced to have found an answer. In addition to the original manufacturing expertise in medium and large series business for mainly large medium-sized electronics provider to forward at the MicroCirtec GmbHuber the rapid growth of a fully automated order platform (, which makes it possible, after sampling the mittlereb series (up to 1000 qdm) to operate online. A concept that is unique in this form.