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Al Qaeda World

S-11-2001 USA received the worst attack in its history in its continental soil. The military response that gave had a great diplomatic support and demonstrated that the mega-power was at its peak. Bush, who debuted in power after losing elections, became one of the most popular Presidents who has had their nation. Seven years later much of that political capital has vanished. Bin Laden and Mullah Omar continue to operate free while Bush has become one of the most unpopular Presidents that has had U.S.

and his country undergoes questioning. For the first time in 16 of the 20 Latin American republics history have Presidents who claim of one form or another from left. Russia has just made his biggest challenge in the post-cold war having invaded Georgia and recognized the separation of two regions of this. China is showing it is prepared to compete as equals with the United States. Today America is in recession and eight weeks of their choices.

Washington urges defeat Al Qaeda if it wants to regain its prestige world. McCain wants to make it doing a more offensive than that made Bush in Iraq and considering staying there until a century. Obama represents the opposite pole as he always questioned attacking Iraq because he what he wants is to get out there to concentrate on hunting Osama. Paradoxically, for the first time a leader of the third world can become the great voter of USA. A new attack, for example, inclinaria the balance in favor of McCain, who showed as any threat to national security, such as the Russian-Georgian war, always makes you raise points.

Assembly President

Read the third part of the Assembly President pressed the button located on the desktop with your right hand and immediately heard a noise like that produce the external ringer of the houses. The murmur caused by the conversation of all small groups fell in its intensity and gradually those present went on to occupy the empty seats where had left handbags, wallets and cell phones. There were only some people in the hallways and the concurrent that shipped the last coffee before focusing on the meeting. Others took advantage of to greet friends from the old times or to resolve issues deferred by the desires of the time. It was necessary that the President touched button a second time so that everyone would take their places. Yet two of the attendees both men, both middle-aged, continued without haste their animated conversation. Already in chairs, greetings and talks continued its course.

A short Lady of coarse texture was desperately looking for their new pens; had left him in his chair before go for a glass with water. Nobody in your row had, as did you know after the lengthy consultations that he made with his neighbours in the four cardinal points. I was looking for your pen no matter which was delaying the start of the meeting. The President returned to the button, and now yes, calm reigned in the enclosure. Only silence was interrupted by the check of a foam against the floor and the sound of a plastic chair when it was rolled forward. Half an hour after the announcement, everyone was ready for the expected home.

-We are here assembled, started telling the President to carry out the first Assembly of Union of not sellers. We are people from all over the world, oppressed by the system, persecuted by the circumstances, burdened by adversity. I want to give them my solidarity salute and thank them for their assistance in this important event. Then the Secretary will expose to you the objectives of the meeting as well as the great purposes of our future partnership. Later, Mr Secretary. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a writer and journalist italo-colombiano who also teaches in several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is contained in three anthologies of Colombian authors. Contact to the cel. 300 8055526 or email. Read his writings in MAICAO to day, page in which you will find writings, chronic and beautiful parts of the Colombian literature.

Make Money Online

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Bank Cards

Daily we use credit cards in our purchases, both in stores and over the internet, or to withdraw money from the ATM. Perhaps someday that let it saved in the wallet but they will be few. But before you follow should be a distinction. On the one hand, debit cards are those in which the customer money in the Bank is used. On the other hand, credit cards work with money which the Bank lends to the customer and must be returned at the end of month.

But whatever, either debit or credit, the cards have become indispensable in our daily life and seems to him that want to leverage the banks to earn more money, if they weren’t enough the benefits obtained. Or at least that we can deduce if we take a look to the data offered by the Bank of Spain regarding the annual fees on debit cards and see what the same month of last year cost 16,84 now costs 18,39. Rise since credit if the fee cards nor rid in 2010 was 33,48 this year is 34,66. From our point of view, the quotas already are the important enough for such climb, especially if we take into account that many banks show their huge profits with a smile, distributed patronage among its senior managers while climbing quotas to its customers.

Cat Hair Accessories

If you think your cat lost much hair or have an angora or a Persian and you think that this so suavecito lint could well you come from coat collars, this is your chance. It is true that with regard to articles on skin seen very much, from animal print patterns until covered with synthetic skin that just the controversy about the use of animals. Different detail I’ve noticed in some designers, is out of the classic and play with the textures to really simulate an animal look in the appearance of your garments, using details of skin. But I have found a proposal that is not only completely novel within the sector of accessories in leather design, if not also makes a side to the controversial use of animals for fashion. They are wallets and accessories made entirely with hair cat, obtained by shearing them, just as we would with a sheep. My own cats, Blanquito and Phoebe, one is hairy white and all the years we do it shave because it suffers a lot the gobs of hair that are raised in the summer, the case seems to me an excellent idea use their hair to make a very interesting complement and novdoso. Meanwhile Phoebe, grey and white, lustrous, color pewter inside, I think that your cat lanita would be beautiful on a capping.

Cat hair can be stained and combine, to form these splendid accessories that stand out on any set. Perhaps even in a future they could occur this way, pullovers, socks and hats. The bags are soft, beautiful and eccentric. Ideal for lovers of cats, take these portfolios is loaded with a minimum in the arms.