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Conquest of Mexico

Proposed by-Jaontiveros (kao ask me!) November 25, 2008 17:52 (UTC) Minimum time for discussion (7 days) November 25 to December 1 Grounds History Category I think it’s a great article complete and the information presented has been verified with several sources. It is an important chapter in the history of Mexico, its ranking in Wikipedia recorded 200,000 visits in the last three months, for that reason, I also hope to help improve it. or (s) principal (s) Jaontiveros Overview Article Conquest of Mexico ( discussion history links watch logs protect delete) Reviews Comment I honestly do not think the article is ready for AD, it is certainly extensive bibliography is surely good, but there are many paragraphs, figures or events that are not referenced properly, which I consider central to all items, especially when it comes to historical items.((I think) and (AP))) (VT in the wrong location and the text can still be a lot more polished. It is a pity that there are maps in French or English. r ge ! ! November 26, 2008 00:56 (UTC) Hello! Thanks for your interest and small corrections. With pleasure we can move to add references, perhaps in some cases only be relocated as not to saturate the text many times indicated at the end of each item .. if not much trouble .. Could you use the template citation needed in the article itself or on this site … I promise to get to work on it right away, because it is a very easy to solve. Well, it was not so easy .. according to the petition, there has been an increase in references 100 to 142, ie 40 more. As for verifiability think we cover the requirement.Done to ComentarioAl for repeated visits in one or two paragraphs, I think that filling out the text of the article with many antics, reading becomes uncomfortable (he, he seems escrabble), I prefer keeping appointments discreetly at the end of paragraphs as is now .. Do you think it necessary Where would place the ((AP)) and ((VT)) . Greetings, Jaontiveros (kao ask me!) 1:24 November 26, 2008 (UTC) We work in your user subpage if you like. I did not want to vote against it because, as he says, will be subject to relocate any references or easily get on the network. r ge ! ! November 26, 2008 1:30 (UTC) Of course. -Jaontiveros (kao ask me!) 1:39 November 26, 2008 (UTC) The Internet is important references or use the ((cite web)) or place the information in it appears, such as date consultation.r ge ! ! November 27, 2008 1:47 (UTC), ok. working on it (I will also continue to book references linking to the website where there is availability) .. well, except for error or omission Done Like I said, strikes me as odd that the “Online ion” and more if we talk about the wikipedia article is on the Internet. Suggest that it be deleted. r ge ! ! November 27, 2008 2:05 (UTC) Done commentary notes in the article a collateral deficiency is important and that is full of articles related to places both physical and political geography, but that the articles of these places do not contain the coordinates of situation. Today with existing technology to place the coordinates on all items of geographic locations is a relevant point because it allows to quickly and easily make a virtual tour of the area. Salu2.- Feliciano (talk) 17:34 November 26, 2008 (UTC) Feliciano Hello!, Sorry for reply later .. (I’m with the issue of adding quotes) .. well, I’d like to assist in the placement coordinates in all these articles, especially when it comes to Mexico, since I know relatively well the geography, but my computer is outdated (2001) and Google Earth does not support, nor vector drawing program to generate files “svg”. It was not until thecooperation of another user is (Mexican, perhaps) have available a more powerful or modern equipment and know the geography of that mentioned here. Greetings, Jaontiveros (kao ask me!) November 27, 2008 14:21 (UTC) Comment The geographical coordinates are NOT a prerequisite for choosing AD. Stubble Burn me November 28, 2008 14:40 (UTC) Comment I think … and maybe be wrong, but …the title is inappropriate for me is the Conquistade Mexico or Mexico but bad memories of Mexico’s name was not proposed entry DAfter Trigarante Army, through the three laws, it would be better if the item received the name of conquest of the Aztec Empire, a little longer but with the certainty that this item is: Conquest of Mexico may be associated with the collapse of the Mexican government for the entry of a war provoked by a neighboring country that has defeated us, well I do not know if it’s OK, but for me it would be better, I leave in your hands ….

Time of Greed

In the prestigious German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine appeared March 28 article on a succulent-urban ecological situation in Spain, entitled “A time for greed.” It would be nice to read some of the corrupt people and sold to brick it landed heads in shame. And if you offend both arrived to sue the newspaper, it would be fantastic because of the potential impact on public opinion. Times of greed (Translated from German by Anah Seri): Forex is the looting.The Spanish economy is booming, but the country mortgage their future and ignores climate change. Paul Ingendaay / FAZ MADRID, March 28. According to a poll published recently, among all Europeans, the Spanish who are most concerned about climate change, but that are just numbers. Who is going to miss Spain is in the south. Seven out of ten Spanish, it says, are “very concerned” about global warming, the risk of drought, rising sea levels, melting ice caps, etc.. The following posts concern of Europeans are occupied Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Portugal, Romania and Italy. I said, the south. In Finland, currently there is reason to fear the desert summers. But if you look at the consequences that flow from this concern, the subject is bad style for the Spanish, for several reasons. The first and most obvious is that they have little interest in ecology and climate science, are far behind in environmental issues and are no friends of the rules restricting their freedom of movement. There has never been “ecological consciousness” in Spain, and green politics at the national level there. It is true that in summer there are commercials candidly advocating water conservation, but when in February the Minister of Environment, Cristina Narbona, joined the disturbing conclusions of the study on a UN climate research according to which Spanish lead to increased temperatures for four to seven degrees to the end of the century, and thus Iberian climate catastrophe, public opinion was not to be talked about.The columnists and the “opinion maker” prefer to deal with issues more important than the summer heat, crop failures, desertification, pests or new human and bird migrations. While debates about the terrorist group ETA has led in recent months, half a dozen mass demonstrations, the fight against climate change fails to mobilize anybody. The underlying problem may be that the great Spanish economic growth of recent years is linked directly to the relentless plundering of the country and its resources, including land, water, electricity. The property boom that is rampant has assumed such terrifying proportions that in Spain more homes are built annually in Germany, France and England together. Part of the newly established estates are illegal.Not only is the Andalusian coast, whose destruction is proverbial, also the slums around large cities offer ghostly images of rampant urbanism, often derived directly from favoritism, bribes and secret deals. The stakes are high: in recent years, property prices have increased over 150 . Among those who have profited most are the builders, realtors and investors. Nor ceases housing demand in Spain by foreigners, either for itself or as an object of speculation. Only between early 2005 and mid 2006, almost thirteen thousand Seprona detected illegal construction around the country, excluding Catalonia or the Basque Country.

From this small

From this small window to the world that is Showtime, I want to pay a tribute, both for his birthday, for the 30th anniversary of his arrival in the NBA, so what then rescued at the time wrote about the genius of Lansing.

VfB Stuttgart – The Renaissance Of The “Jungen Wilden”

The renaissance of the “Wild Boys” 24 May 2003: On 34th Meet the 02/03 match of the season at home to VfB VfL Wolfsburg. It stands on the third table space and can defend them with a victory over the fourth-placed HSV. At Rank 2: Borussia Dortmund, which in turn can realize a win against Cottbus relegated the vice-championship and to make direct entry into the Champions League. VfB goes with a team of many young and inexperienced players on the court, including, inter alia, as German international Andreas Hinkel, Philipp Lahm and Kevin Kuranyi. Coach Felix Magath has made it out of the (financial) make a virtue, and shaping of young, inexperienced players to a team that could inspire people with class, commitment and play attractive football throughout Germany. And the – the story is well known – even the vice-championship and was able to realize the following season with wins against others could make Manchester United, Glasgow Rangers and Panathinaikos in the Champions League sensation. To restore the clubmay have had subsequently made important pillars of the success team. The next two years while still playing for VfB good football, the great achievements were made, however. 2006/2007 season: After with Matthias Sammer and Giovanni Trapattoni two coaches after Felix Magath, who joined the FC Bavaria, where he won twice due to the double of championship and DFB Cup, VfB tried on, was published in February 2006 as a so called Armin Veh transitional solution set. No one dared to him, this team that played in the current season is anything but successful and attractive football, back on its feet. The first months under Veh were anything but promising. VfB dragged on more rough than from game to game and finished at the end of the season a disappointing ninth place in the League Standings. But was the management – in spite of the displeasure of the fans – convinced of his abilities and extended Vehse contract for another year. And it paid off: VfB Stuttgart came back toold virtues. With players like Serdar Tasci, Samy Khedira, Mario Gomez, Andreas Beck and Christian Gentner are five players in the squad in Stuttgart, which come directly from his own youth, and now at fixed sizes in the game of “Red have become.” These include the starting eleven other players as Cacau, Hitzlsperger, Hilbert, Osorio, Boka, Delpierre, or all of which are far below the age of 30 years and still contribute to this successful and attractive game of the Swabians. The “Wild Boys” are back from the dead, younger and better than ever before. VfB lies ahead with this team a golden future – maybe even more The last title dates back 10 years when the so-called “magic triangle” by Giovane Elber, Fredi Bobic and Krassimir Balakov VfB shot at cup final in Berlin. And this year, the possibility seems within reach again a trophy to bring to the Neckar.

Cold Wave Is Rolling: Zinc And Histidine Form A Bulwark Against Cold Viruses

The essential trace element zinc prevented from entering the medical profession as a rhinovirus colds designated agent through the nasal mucosa into the body and spread out, today announces the vital substance Academy in Cologne. Thus zinc prevents the cold. Therefore, it is now appropriate to take 15 milligrams of zinc daily in combination with the amino acid histidine. Histidine promotes, according to the German Society for the absorption of dietary zinc (1) and thus provides a high zinc bioavailability. In addition, zinc has anti-viral and supports the immune system in many ways. Zinc can also ward off cold viruses and prevent the common cold. During the cold period is an additional intake of zinc is advisable. Scientific studies support the effect of zinc in the prevention and treatment of colds. U.S. researchers found it and published it in the New England Journal of Medicine that regular intake of zinc, the cold symptoms significantly reduced.Study participants, which they gave no zinc were peeved typical eight days “, while the zinc study participants’ sigh of relief after about four days later could. By Zinkeinnahme halved so the cold period. Zinc puts plentiful in oysters, beef and offal. Relatively zinkarm contrast, are plant foods also contain substances that inhibit as phytic acid, the zinc intake. In contrast, many animal foods are rich in histidine to ensure a good supply of zinc and thereby. A targeted zinc and Histidinversorgung can also ensure also long-term deposits with commercial tablets. For more information about vital nutrients are available on . On this new website provides information about vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and other nutrients. Also discussed here a nutritionist and other recognized experts free to the appropriate use of vital nutrients in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Literature(1) reference values for nutrient intakes (Paperback)) by the German Nutrition Society (DGE) (Editor, Austrian Nutrition Society (ANS) (Editor), the Swiss Society for Nutrition Research (SGE) (Editor) and the Swiss Nutrition Association (Editor) Book Review: Recently, the publisher is in the Southwest “practice book appeared vital substances, which not only the” truth about vitamins and Co provides students, but with errors on vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, secondary plant materials and other vital ingredients thoroughly cleans. The authors and Prof. Uwe Grober Hademar Hofer has managed to present a well-readable and scientifically sound book that the reader through the “jungle of vital substances” support. Praxishandbuch vital substances, and Prof. Uwe Grober Hademar Hofer, Sdwest Verlag, 17,95 Euro, ISBN 3-517-06995-7Vital Substance Academy, c / o: AG Brckenstrae 1-3, 50667 Cologne, 0221-2705212,

Total Contrition – Or Completely Relaxed

Very few people are aware of how well the jaw and teeth every day for them. This area of our body is exposed to enormous forces. The masticatory muscles during crushing of our food brings about a pressure of up to one ton. In a tense jaw due to pressing or grinding of teeth can be increased to up to ten times. As the saying goes there is very direct. Sayings like, “I’ll bite his teeth together and go through there,” or “I’ll be right on the gums so to speak” for themselves. The statistics say that is the face of women not only more graceful than the countenance of men who, unfortunately, it hurts even more frequently to report the “Dental Communications. While plagued only nine percent of men of “pain in the face, muscles of mastication, the temporomandibular joint, or in the ear area” are affecting 15 to 18 percent of women from such pain. The older people are more facial pain disappears. Among the over 64 age group have onlytwo percent problems. Tension in the face and jaw area can have disastrous effects on the entire organism. About strands of muscle, nerve and energy pathways (meridians), these tensions will be handed on. Unpleasant and often painful consequences in many areas of our body can be the result. Often show the symptoms worse in the morning. From working with Craniosacral Balancing Peter Seitz is known that the pleasurable effects of a loose jaw can be very profound: The teeth remain healthy longer, sleep becomes a positive influence, tensions in the head area to allow, neck and back are flexible, the digestion regulates itself … These even regained looseness can lead to emotions that are brightening. Our teeth are like diamonds. They are fine-tuning for the entire body statics. The entire jaw thus contributes a substantial proportion of our “relaxed sincerity”.

Settlers 2 – The Blockbuster Strategy

The Settlers 2 is a strategy game that on 7 September is published. Publisher Ubisoft is proud of the great success of the game. In the development and BlueBye Funatics studios were involved. Many developers of the settlers 2 – Veni, Vini, Vici were involved. Nearly 10 years later decides they are the successors of the game. With great success. Many game magazines rate the game with over 80%. Try and have the best Texan meal you’ve ever had And rightly so, for fun and play “principle, brakes good. A word to the graphic. Settlers 2 was completely re-programmed and got the same breath, a new 3D graphics engine. These can be divided into several clearly defined stages zooming. The kamere position but always swings back to the starting position. Winner of the game is who has defeated the enemy first. First you need to expand your country to produce raw materials and foods. Here are the simple economic cycles take from the game. A farmer sows seeds and reaps it. After that it was possible in the mill and processed into flour. The flour is then combined with water in theBaking process and creates the final product of bread. This type of bread to eat your mines. It will turn coal and iron. Ultimately, swords and shields formed then the knights used to fight. In this way you can defeat your opponent and win the game. For all those interested in the game, you can download a demo version that has been done 90 minutes a glimpse of. In the near future there will be another free sms service assume the demo and check it thoroughly.

Theater Capital Berlin Presents Itself On A New Internet Portal is a practical guide for those who want to prepare their perfectly Berlin theater. Berlin is the theater capital of Germany. We do not now speak of the daily political theater in the Bundestag, but by the largest, most diverse and most vibrant theater scene in Germany. At around 200 large and small stages will be played daily singing and dancing. But there are not only more choice but also much in demand: who cares not early to book tickets, which stands at the box office line – and sometimes even free. Especially for visitors to Berlin completely frustrating. This theater can be saved now. presented at the Berlin theater world with all stages and productions. Visitors to Berlin and Berliner find the right theater fun – for themselves and their family. Is sought on the theater search engine, the headings Large houses, independent theaters, musical theater, outdoor stages, theater for kids and teens, musicals and dance theater or on theGame plan in each theater. And if the right theater, and the right piece is found, can equal the best tickets to be booked, which are then directly sent home. Extensive additional services – such as parties in theaters, theater classes and workshops, scenes in film history, historic theater views and invitation cards (eCards) – also offer diehard theater fans some surprises. is a service of Ltd. The company also operates the German Press Contact: Grnbeck Europe GmbH Albert E. Center Tauentzienstr. 9-12 10798 Berlin Press release for download

Marketing For SMEs Through Consultancy Based In Hamburg

Marketing for SMEs through consultancy based in Hamburg, in small and medium businesses, it is often the case that marketing took part “just” is. It is found in most cases no special marketing department and no specialists qualified marketing training. Marketing is not arrived at such companies. The holistic approach to marketing integrated marketing considerations, but actually in many business sectors. Thus, pricing, distribution, advertisement and the product itself are the main themes which are occupied with such marketing. This is definitely the key elements to a company’s strategic direction. They are therefore of great importance and should not lightly chosen. Of course, small and medium businesses often can not employ full marketing department, but can occasionally be bought or incidental marketing skills. The advisory terminal, a service of the abasta GmbH from Hamburg, concepts and analysis, it’s the oneShould be assistance for marketing. It can product analysis, competitor analysis, market analysis and marketing concepts are acquired at fixed prices, which will support the company’s selective marketing. This advisory products are created naturally by qualified, experienced and qualified individual specialists. Some of the samples and examples can be found on the website. The abasta GmbH itself does not offer consulting and project management for companies and may thus constitute an external marketing capacity. Thus, companies may be accompanied consultant to the respective marketing strategy to continually reviewed and adjusted if necessary. As business and marketing consultancy provides abasta Ltd. to ensure the best daily rates. Current approaches are also reviewed, with which companies try to obtain loans and financing. Banks are asking now frequently of an additional plausibility check, or credit check a management consultancy. The abastaLtd. for this purpose calculated to ensure staggered by volume inclusive to a high transparency.

Easily Removed By Calorie Killer Turbos, And Metabolic

Bitter melon, Limburger cheese, espresso and Tabasco to boost calories! (Cologne – 19 January 2007): In the spring of 2007 rolled on a diet wave through Germany, one third of the population and tries to get rid of the Christmas pounds again. Just in time is now the book “The 50 Best Calorie Killer” were released. Making the calories legs and point victory to win the daily battle against the overwhelming calories is the goal. And it is attainable through the use of calorie killers, because they make slim, says successful author Calliope Calabresi. Together with a nutritionist Irina Baumbach he represents the 50 most effective calorie killer – from A to Z as Algae from cinnamon -. Of course, scientific studies show the impact of the calorie killer, millers Nothmann first described as such or compiled. How and why calorie killer promote the metabolism and help people lose weight, is supported by recent studies, for which the authors have used the results of science.Calorie Killer defined Calliope Calabresi as substances that occur normally in certain foods, of course, the energy consumption increase, inhibit the hunger or appetite, and help get the turbo energy in the body, so the muscles. Who is achieved solely on calorie killer, but less than everyday strategies for weight loss followed by calorie killer, says Mller Nothmann. We must make the calories in the body, legs! An experienced dietician Calliope Calabresi are many weight loss tips for everyday life, and a killer calorie-constructed according to the daily plan for healthy weight loss strategies, makes application a breeze. With calorie killers achieved his well-being of each figure. But calories are not just killers hot spices, the fuel contained by the Caspaicin metabolism, but also Gehirnjogging, canceling dinner meals and a smart management. Located in the tranquility that is not only the strength but also the “slim line” hidden Mller reports Nothmann. HarzCheese belongs in the “Schlankkche” because it is rich in valuable protein, virtually no fat and metabolizing calcium. Caffeine from coffee or black tea is not only a stimulant, but also a calorie killer, says Mller Nothmann. That Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) makes the muscles strong and reducing fat tissue, evidence and scientific studies. More proteins and bulking agents mean more saturation, and specific amino acids make weight loss much easier. Killer calories make strict diets, which rejects Mueller Nothmann for years anyway, superfluous. If despite all efforts in the diet, obesity counseling and medical treatment is still more than 50 percent of women and 60 percent of men are overweight need to apply new concepts here, says Mller Nothmann. Away from diets and toward healthy living and a balanced diet is the new Slim-Currency. Who besides daily exercise and stress management is based on calorie killer, builds automatically and withoutnagging hunger pounds off. And has the appetite with the smell of chocolate vanilla no chance, promises Mueller Nothmann. From the pen of the successful Autorenduos Calliope Calabresi Baumbach and Irina are now available with three innovative Ratings: naturally lower blood sugar, the top 50 killers of calories from sugar and cinnamon – the recipe book. Bibliographic data: The top 50 calorie killer, Irina Baumbach / Calliope Calabresi, Knaur Verlag, ISBN 978-3-426-64450-8, EUR 7.95. Individual free information on weight problems allows the specialist advice portal Editorial Service: interviews and review copies are available can be obtained from: The center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC), headquartered in Cologne, dedicated in particular to individual nutrition counseling and operates scientifically justified public press andpublic on nutrition, prevention and Dietetics. Thewell-known medicine journalist Calliope Calabresi director of the CEC. Center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC), Calliope Calabresi, Gotenring 37, 50679 Kln-Deutz, 0177-2353525,