is a practical guide for those who want to prepare their perfectly Berlin theater. Berlin is the theater capital of Germany. We do not now speak of the daily political theater in the Bundestag, but by the largest, most diverse and most vibrant theater scene in Germany. At around 200 large and small stages will be played daily singing and dancing. But there are not only more choice but also much in demand: who cares not early to book tickets, which stands at the box office line – and sometimes even free. Especially for visitors to Berlin completely frustrating. This theater can be saved now. presented at the Berlin theater world with all stages and productions. Visitors to Berlin and Berliner find the right theater fun – for themselves and their family. Is sought on the theater search engine, the headings Large houses, independent theaters, musical theater, outdoor stages, theater for kids and teens, musicals and dance theater or on theGame plan in each theater. And if the right theater, and the right piece is found, can equal the best tickets to be booked, which are then directly sent home. Extensive additional services – such as parties in theaters, theater classes and workshops, scenes in film history, historic theater views and invitation cards (eCards) – also offer diehard theater fans some surprises. is a service of Ltd. The company also operates the German Press Contact: Grnbeck Europe GmbH Albert E. Center Tauentzienstr. 9-12 10798 Berlin Press release for download