In 1954, finding homes in Jarabacoa, Minerva met there Aurelio Tavarez Justo Manuel (Manolo), also a law student, with whom she established relationships that lead to marriage. In November of 1955 calving 2 children with him, Minerva Josephine (Minou) and Manuel Enrique in January 1960, had an outstanding participation with her husband in secret meetings that led to the political grouping on June 14. According to the testimony of those who knew, Minerva was a remarkable woman who excelled in all activities in which it participated. Overhanging his enthusiasm, his charisma and his strong militancy against Trujillo, and for his love of freedom, courage and indignation at the situation that resulted imperante.Todo he was caught several times by the Military Intelligence Service.At the time of his death was 34 years old, his gruesome murder along with her sisters Patria and Maria Teresa 36 to 25 increased the levels of public discontent and contributed to further aggravate the crisis of the dictatorship.