For the majority of people who try to earn a few pesos in Internet, it was necessary to open an account in Paypal, since on many Web sites, we are told that we will pay with this payment processor, famous in the virtual e-commerce world, its prestige is deservedly won since it is more secure processor that exists by that conceals very effectively the buyer when making credit card number the payment. The problem started when it comes to withdraw that money from the virtual world to the physical world, Paypal puts many obstacles and almost is impossible to remove it without bank account in USA or Europe. To solve this inconvenience the company Xoom was an excellent choice, because through this, we could withdraw the money and by a Commission Xoom sent him to our country. Since last March 24, Xoom ceased to operate with Paypal, this company has been sending e-mails to its users stating that it will no longer accept Paypal as payment. This is definitely a bucket of cold water, especially for latinos and all those who live in countries where Paypal does not directly transferred money to a bank account. However, many people in the world, still prefer to pay using Paypal, by all the prestige earned by this company, since it gives them the security that your credit card number will be not intercepted by anyone. But, now the problem is, do then how do to withdraw our money from Paypal? Until 24th 2010, Xoom was an excellent choice, but now this option no longer exists, Xoom does not accept as a means of payment to Paypal. Many traders on-line in South America have been asking and encountering this problem, but always a problem creates a solution, you just have to search for it. Plimus is an excellent choice to withdraw money from Paypal.