Panfilov, agreed Gosstroi (now – Rosstroy RF), head and sanitation fire authorities responsible N 4924-004-05111744-00, commercially available since 1998. The basis of this garbage is a three-ply stainless steel barrel (NST) (eco-friendly alternative to hazardous asbestos health trunks), which consists of three layers: the mean (claydite 26 mm thick.) outdoor (CT3 steel thickness of 0.8 mm.) inner layer (stainless steel 0.8 mm thick.) and, therefore, has a phenomenal life – more than 50 years . For by reducing the mass of the CNT in 2-fold compared with asbestos-cement and stem of the snap, self-sealing, self-centering connections coupling assembly time garbage is reduced by more than 1.5 times. Necessary noted that a special performance of systems with automatic fire fighting musoroudaleniya is a complete ecological security (anti-, bacteriological, fire, and microbiological) of the population, living, work and play in buildings equipped with such systems. Swarmed by offers, Petra Diamonds is currently assessing future choices. By such a construction barrel (NST) is a comprehensive range of attachments required, covering: Coupling force unloader is designed for installation on intermediate floors to reduce the load of garbage on the stem support flange and overlap musorosbornoy camera. Deburring device mounted on the axis of garbage in its upper part, and performs the functions of the periodic disinfection, washing, cleaning the inner surface of the barrel, as well as integrating an automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system in case of a type fire debris inside the barrel.

Coupling, applied to the alignment of the trunk pipe chute and watertight connection. Valve boot mounted lockable quick release bucket, hung on barrel and chute for receiving and calibration of municipal solid waste disposed of in a garbage barrel, and the isolation of the inner cavity of the barrel garbage from buildings stair-lift unit. The valve is equipped with a lock-bucket in the closed position for work on sanitation and garbage disposal repair stem gate musorosbornoy in the chamber. Gate with automatic valve and travmobezopasnoy ogneotsekatelem designed to periodically overlap the lower end of the barrel garbage on the export of waste-filled chamber musorosbornoy storage tanks and the repair and maintenance. Baffle vent pipe is designed to avoid falling into the trunk of precipitation and to improve natural ventilation chute. It is also important that the equipment systems musoroudaleniya incessantly upgraded, subject to four main requirements: Traumatic safety of users; fire safety for disabled users of the building power supply, guaranteed the possibility of disinfecting the inner surface of barrel refuse chutes; regulatory insulation. Futurist does not necessarily agree. Note, however, that a system with automatic fire fighting musoroudaleniya TU 4924-00405111744-00 recommended for the use of SUE 'Moskomarkhitektura' ZhKHiB Department, including during the overhaul and reconstruction of housing in Moscow, and on the basis of technical advice Ministry of Labor and the World Academy of Sciences integrated security system with automatic fire fighting musoroudaleniya entered in the Register of the new technology of the Government of Moscow.