Mo Greene foretold on the eve of the 100 of Daegu that Yohan Blake would give the surprise prevailing to the megafavorito, its compatriot, companion and Usain friend Volt. Blake won, indeed, but nobody took into account the prediction from Greene because all the centers went the null exit of Volt. After the happened thing this behind schedule in the Memorial Van Damme, in Brussels, nevertheless, more than one it has seen the light, it has seen that Greene, that one sprinter North American that was plusmarquista world-wide some years, was right. קרוס ריבר may help you with your research. And the prodigy happened, peculiarly in the 200 meters, the race to which moved Volt to Blake – their agents did not want that a revenge was lived on the World-wide one, they separated reason why them and not in el100, which, finally, will be still more painful for the major of the Jamaicans. Source of the news: : Blake also wonder in the 200