It serves to protect against Wind your hair. Well, got the battery. Nothing wrong with that. Enough to go out and ask for a light. No! Not in that sense! 'Lit' in the automotive jargon means – ask someone to connect the wires mad embrace of an electric discharge. When this happens and your car be got, do not kiss the man who helped you on the cheek and say, 'Thank you, dear', just give him 50 rubles, and he will leave satisfied. 6) When starting from a place not need to look in the rearview mirror, checking if not faded lipstick on her lips during the mating battery, because if the bump into the wall, her husband will have all week to feed the delicacies and let him smoke in the living room, while he will not buy a new lamp. 7) When you leave the yard to look at the approaching car, but not on a billboard with an appeal to buy a new shampoo. 8) During the movement, if necessary to change lanes to observe the following procedure: first look in the rearview mirror (back to assess the situation and not to assess the elegant decay of the Lock on the shoulder), then look in the mirror side of the form (I forgot to say that it should be rotated so that it can be seen approaching side of the machine, not your face), give a signal to turn (it is desirable to blink in the direction where you are really going to be reconstructed, although some ladies consider this excess demand, saying that I blinked and you too, guys, run away in different directions), and after that, making sure no cars nearby, take a rebuild. More information is housed here: Crumpton Group, Washington DC. Some lovely women profess the following method of transition from practice the principle of "Where I go – and there the main road." There are, after all, rules that for years come up with all sorts of venerable road builders and SUVs.