The electrical impulses generated by the stimulators, or generators, can stimulate different types of nerve fibers: the motor nerve, the effect is to cause a muscle mechanical response (muscle) certain types of sensory nerve fibers in order to achieve effects and pain relieving endorphin ( anti-pain, massage) The principle of operation of the electro-muscle is triggered by an external stimulus, muscle contraction, replacing the commands of our brain. When we decided to contract a muscle, your brain sends a command in the form of electrical currents that travel at high speed through the nerve fibers. When they arrive at their destination, these electrical currents excite the motor nerve that transmits the information immediately triggering muscle and muscle contraction. With the electro-muscle, excitation occurs directly on the motor nerve by electrical impulses “optimal” for the safety and comfort of use. ACTIONS: Redesigning the silhouette The electro-stimulation by itself can not lose weight, only cardio-vascular work associated with power control is successful.

The action of the electro-stimulation is located at the silhouette (firming, toning …) and tissues (orange peel effect, fat depot …). The electro-muscle does not replace a regime is an ally but very effective in keeping the silhouette. Optimizing a meeting of the electro-musculation sport has been used for many years by athletes and sports physiotherapist for the preparation, recovery and because it allows to achieve visible and measurable results. Relieving pain excitation of nerve fibers by micro-electrical impulses are imposed as a technique to combat the pain. This electro-therapy antalogica currently used very commonly, especially in medicine and in rehabilitation centers specializing in pain management. The accuracy of the currents can run perfectly antalgic action in accordance with the conditions (back pain, muscle atrophy, bone or joint injury) * * Some conditions and certain post-operational reeducators need special precautions.