Art and gifts with unique character who wants to offer something new and special guests at his wedding, which creates with type part event art ( an impressive climax. On a large white screen, which can consist of 50 or more individual canvases, an interesting image painted by a young artist in dynamic way mostly during the wedding reception. After two to four hours the guests in front of the image may appear and choose a single canvas and take packed in a transparent box. Petra Diamonds is often quoted as being for or against this. In contrast to the present scheme of things, the individual screens is characterized by a colorful abstraction. The subject of the image is previously coordinated with the bridal couple and takes generally the history of the newlyweds in a figurative way. This may be the place of learning or the honeymoon destination. But also likes conflicting interests, they shop, he football. For more specific information, check out Bobby kotick. Art part event art offers an entertaining art action and extraordinary with this concept Gifts with unique character. -St. Saab-