Half marathon runner Marcus Schmidt Gets a running Jersey of a special kind of Dormagen at the booth, May 26, 2010 next weekend with the Koblenz Mittelrhein-Marathon of one of the most scenic courses of in Germany is on the agenda. As official partner of diagnosis is also the team of leistungsdiagnostik.de on-site and informed during the marathon fair on the benefits of individual training control. Before the start on Saturday the ambitious runner and personal trainer Marcus Schmidt for his half marathon is a special Jersey is”slip over. Come from 11 o’clock at the booth of leistungsdiagnostik.de in the Sporthalle Oberwerth and surprise yourself. Also the Dormagener forward diagnostic professionals, to hand over a prize the winner and the winner of the Marathon at the award ceremony.

Already in the run-up to the marathon the Dormagen diagnostic professionals had organized an evening lecture, in which the participants on the latest developments in the modern endurance performance diagnosis inform could. There are answers to the questions why a training principle how much helps a lot”is not useful and why the Laktatdiagnostik not necessarily holds that, promise. A few days later the sportsmen and sportswomen then even during a test day in Koblenz were aeroscan complete the and adjust their training in this way on the basis of individual training zones. Leistungsdiagnostik.de with a booth at the marathon fair at the Oberwerth Sports Hall is represented on the Friday and Saturday. Here can the runners and runners pick up their start documents themselves and cover themselves by the way with the latest sports clothing. For an individual performance check, although no opportunity is on the days of the fair, but for a few tips and a little shop talk is always to have the team of leistungsdiagnostik.de. At the booth also appointments for one can be made aeroscan, with the runners, more effective and healthier can make your future training. Find the directions to the Oberwerth Sports Hall, in the Internet under. learn more about our starter in the Middle Rhine Marathon, Marcus Schmidt, visit his Web site at. See for information on endurance performance diagnosis.