There is a belief among Spanish Savers that the safest place to have money as bank deposits and more when we guarantee a profit and the government covers up to 100,000 in case of bankruptcy of the entity deposit. Well not so. It is safe to say no. What I say is that it is the safest place to have our savings. Right now, there is the uncertainty in financial markets, security must take precedence over all things and what I mean is that people who seek security not be confused. Today, all that is literally almost impossible to fail are states like Germany, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, England, France, Canada, … And though I say “almost impossible” if broken, the money we know today would be worth nothing, and return to barter, thus, that more would our savings. Therefore, the safest place to take our money is in products that invest in treasury bills of these countries, ie Monetary Fund. Its profitability is not too high, more or less as interest rates, but safety is guaranteed. With regard to bank deposits, the government guarantee becomes meaningless if we compare the 11 billion euros deposited in financial institutions compared to EUR 6,500 million is in the deposit insurance fund. Another issue is when the fund would receive the money, if I would date with the guaranteed interest or at least the CPI. Finally, for anyone doubt concerning the liquidity of the monetary fund should know that at the time of making an order to sell my shares, within 48 hours I have on my account. If you want security, no mistake, money funds. If you want guaranteed returns, assuming the risk.