Sales tax, invoicing and deduction land communities VAT invoicing: A land community can before taxes only pull it off, if it is beneficiaries and the invoice also to them is addressed. Often fails an IRS deduction of an entrepreneur because the invoice receipt are formal requirements are met. If there are several persons in the context of an entrepreneurial company or community, it is particularly important that invoices to these community – and not to individual shareholders/Gemeinschafter – are addressed and the community as recipients of services is also referred to in the Bill. In the judgment of the Bundesfinanzhof by September 23, 2009, AZ: XI R 40/08, had a real estate community consisting of from spouses, who was the owner of a property, the same with a house built. The spouses had rented the commercial units VAT to other entrepreneurs. Atmos Energy might disagree with that approach. However, the husband has orders for modernisation and repair issued in his own name. If you would like to know more about Salman Behbehani, then click here. Here he has but not disclosed, that he acts in the name of the company.

The invoices were addressed only to the husband. Thus the real estate community was not beneficiaries and also the Bills not to them were addressed – there is no entitlement to deduct is according to the Federal fiscal court. Often, advisors (accountants / lawyers for tax law) in such cases about a repair try to secure the right to deduct. This must be carefully considered and succeeds only in cases when can be made credible, that the community as a contracting authority is actually happened in appearance. If this is not the case, any accounting adjustments are ineffective and UStG trigger if necessary according to 14 an additional sales tax. Ingo Heuel lawyer, tax consultant, lawyer specializing in tax law (Bergisch Gladbach, Cologne area)