Meleches is a Black Metal band which originated in Jerusalem, which Israel and Bethlehem became the first Israeli band from Holland. Ashmedi, the band started as a project only in 1993. In the following year, guitarist Moloch and Lord Curse of battery, were added to the training. Banda’s goal was to create a kind of Black Metal incorporating extensive Middle Eastern influences, mostly based on Sumerian and Mesopotamian hidden themes (musical and lyrical), the banda invented titutlo “Mesopotamian Metal” to best describe their type of metal.
The name Meleches consists of two Hebrew words, Melech: The King and Esh The Fire. The “ch” is pronounced as “ch” Scots, as the word or G LAKE “Kh” Dutch. Another accepted and common pronunciation is MeleKesh.
The release of the band in 1995 as an official event of the “As Jerusalem Burns … and 7 “EP” The Siege Of Lachis “draw the attention of both fans and local underground. Melechesh was accused of” Dark Cult activities “by the authorities of law enforcement in the city of Jerusalem, especially for an article press in the cover that some facts wrong. The charges were ultimately left to fall.
In 1996 the band released their debut album “As Jerusalem Burns … Al’Intisar” an American Black Metal Label unprecedented, so new recruits to complete the training Bajista Hazra.
Due to several personal and professional reasons, the band members were forced to move to France and Holland in 1998. Curse Lord remained in Jerusalem and then went to the U.S. to continue his studies in art and require banda to recruit a new drummer. Mainman of Absu Battery proscriptive and soon filled the vacancy. Thereafter, Melechesh has released two albums long: Djinn (2001), dealing with Mesopotamian mythology and Sphynx (2003), dealing with Mesopotamian Sumerian mythology, while always keeping close to happening and Oriental themes hidden closed hearts . Recently, the banda album Emissaries record its fourth album which is available in Europe (Osmose Productions) and the records end in the United States and Canada. Meanwhile, Xul proscriptive has replaced the full-time drummer of the band. Additionally, proscriptive, while no longer in the band plans to re-edit “The Siege of Lachish” in its label, Tarot Productions, also in 2007.
Equivocation on Banda:
Melechesh is sometimes erroneously referred to as a Israeli side, due to the fact that the band started their career in Jerusalem (and Belen) and operated there from 1993-1997, but the banda resides mainly in the Netherlands Amsterdam during most of his career. None of the members of the banda is Israeli or Israeli nationality. Currently the band is comprised of four ethnic groups according to the same group: Armenian / Assyrian (Ashmedi), Assyrian (Moloch), Holland (Xul) and Ukrainian (Al ‘Hazran). However, Marco De Bruin alias is bearish KAWN official since 2004
Also, some people think they have Melechesh Egyptian mythological subjects, while in his career of 13 years, Melechesh has never sung on any Egyptian theme.
Current members:
Ashmedi – Main Vocal, directs and Rhythm Guitars, 12 strung acoustic guitar, Keyboards and Percussion
Moloch – Directs and Rhythm Guitars, Buzuq
Xul – Drums and Percussion
Kawn – Live Under the second voice
Previous members:
Lord Curse – Drums (As Jerusalem Burns)
Proscriptive – Drums and Percussion, Vocal, the letters (Djinn and Sphynx)
Al. Hazra – Bajo, Voces second

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