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Friday, July 20, 2007, to 84 years and under a rain of rose petals was buried in Beauchamp Iriarte Dr. Modesto Ponce, Puerto Rico. He was one of the pioneers in the field of nuclear power and artifice of the nuclear BONUS (Nuclear Superheater Boiler), today known as the Tech Museum Modesto Iriarte Dr. Beauchamp. Represent the vision of a better world in the Electric Power Authority (PREPA) for the past 40 years.
Convalecia Ponce in a hospital after a fall break their health, according to his grandson, the priest Capo Rafael Iriarte. Gas and Electric rates can be lowered as your energy supplier At mid morning a mass was celebrated in the chapel of Our Lady of Pilar. At the end, his daughter Hilda gave an overview of the life and work of his father. An hour later, the remains arrived at the cemetery Las Mercedes, where a helicopter dropped ESA rain of flowers. ‘It was a person to live up to its name: Modesto, “the priest stressed Capo. ‘He was humble, simple, despite being a scientist and an engineer both renowned and studies, he never boasted of his knowledge and was always at the service of everyone, always with high values, love of neighbor and God. It was a highly spiritual person.
He was an electrical engineer, civil engineering and a doctorate in nuclear. Besides, he had an MBA and was a former president of the Governing Board of the ESA. He is survived by his wife Josephine Quiles, Carmen and her daughters Hilda and three grandchildren.
Dr. Beauchamp was born in Modesto Iriarte Mayag ez, Puerto Rico en el Barrio Barcelona in August 1923. Given the progress that is experienced in the field of power generation by nuclear methods for the middle of the 50s, ESA selected to study this novel system of nuclear generation.
In June 1956, as a pioneer in the nuclear field, ESA rioja shipped to the University of Michigan study for a doctorate in nuclear engineering, which expires in two years, graduating in June 1958. It is the first Puerto Rican student in obtaining a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Michigan, and the first American across the nation.
ESA chose Dr. Iriarte Modesto to join the group design of future nuclear power station BONUS based on the concept presented in his Master’s degree. Took part in the installation and initial implementation of the Central. He was one of the first Senior Operators licensed by the Atomic Energy Commission to implement the initial Nuclear BONUS.
During this time he was Professor Dr. ‘s Switch and Save program and enjoy lower electric and gas bills! Iriarte Ad Honorem in the Masters Program in Nuclear Engineering in Puerto Rico Nuclear Center in the College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts (College) (today, the Recinto Universitario de Mayag ez, the University of Puerto Rico (UPR)).
He was also recruited by the UPR to work in the Puerto Rico Nuclear Center and develop the closure plan of the Nuclear Reactor of the College. Then I collaborate in the development of alternative energy sources such as: Photovoltaic Plant Juan Diaz (now located at the University of Turabo) windmill in Culebras (which was confiscated), presentation of projects of Ocean Energy Conversion Thermal (OTEC, for its initials in English), directed the operation of the Seismic Network, which arises out of studies required for the establishment of future nuclear plants in Puerto Rico oil exploration based on seismic studies the vibro location of nuclear plants, and many others.
In the ESA, then retired with 30 years of service, a member of the Governing Board of the ESA, where the presidio 1985-1993. He was a member of the Board for over 25 years. A decade ago, the Universidad Politecnica rioja joined its Board of Directors, where he also gave lessons.
In 1996, the Central Nuclear BONUS was converted into a museum of technology, which bears his name, and is in the process of becoming a National Historic Monument. The Tech Museum Iriarte Dr. Modesto is the only nuclear plant in the world converted into a museum. Here, we have the unique opportunity to see as a nuclear power plant, not models, but as physical reality.

Photo ELECTRICITY Power plant by Jay Parrino’s The Mint