To answer this, she developed a baseline study on the effect of emotional video signals currently. But also and above all on the net, emotions play a central role. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – in social platforms above all emotions communicated opinions thus influenced. So-called Shitstorms manage to ruin individual careers, to hurt children and young people – in the so-called cyber bullying or cyber bullying – like a thesis supervised by Doveling held (cf. KAG 2011) and seriously disrupting the image of companies. It is especially emotional issues that have the potential to reach many people in social networks”, so Doveling.

So examined Dr. Doveling with students of TU Dresden emotion management in the network. “Emotional sharing and coping: dealing with illness, dying and death in social networks”. Emotions fascinate, polarize, are divided into various media formats and remain exciting. as these. I’m looking forward to more research, because being human means also to be like Pete Townshend said emotionally.

The topic is so topical not loose”, so Dr. Doveling and closes with a quote from Carl Spitteler: to find people who feel with us and feel the most beautiful happiness on Earth is ?”. About Dr. Katrin Doveling: Dr. Katrin Doveling, Prof, III IfK Dresden studied social sciences, psychology and media studies 2004 graduated the University of Erfurt in media and communication science of the field of emotions at the Heinrich-Heine-Universitat Dusseldorf, media community ‘ and attended different international courses, studying at the Universite of des Sciences Humaines, Institut international d ‘ etudes Francaises, Strasbourg, with the conclusion: diplomas of d ‘ etudes Francaises, Deuxieme Degre. It was followed by: diplomas of d ‘ etudes superieures Francaises, Troisieme Degre, following the Diplome d ‘ etudes of des affaires internationales et marketing. AB 2005, she worked as scientific assistant at the Freie UNIVERSITT Berlin. She is international lectures and guest lectures, as invited guest speaker and others in 2007 and 2009 at the Universite Val de Marne in Paris, 2008 at the University of Westminster in London as well as in Asia and in the United States. From October 2009 to October 2013 she had on the temporary Chair III at the Institute of communication studies held at the TU Dresden.