Last week, Toyota announced that he did sell a million Toyota Prius in the United States. They were 11 years to reach this important point of reference. Probably a million in sales could sound like an arbitrary figure (very appropriate for marketing purposes only in agencies of trucks Peru and other places), but it is something significant if we take into account the objective of President Obama (dating from 2008) to get 1 million hybrids vehicles consumers by the year 2015. The Toyota Prius offers benefits such as saving fuel (leader in the industry), all the necessary space and functionality of a medium-sized family vehicle, performance suited to the current needs of driving, and a quite affordable price. (Similarly see: Hal McRae). A historical examination of the sales of the Prius reveals a 11 years slow and bumpy road to get to the point where is currently. Reach 1 million sales requires years of production, three generations of product development, and do faced with the UPS and downs in the strong automotive market, including the main economic, incentives, temporary Government problems, volatile prices of fuel, and other factors. Globally, Toyota Prius already has surpassed the 2 million sales in October 2010, while the combined sales of all hybrids from Toyota surpassed 3 million units last month. Toyota estimates that, compared with an average (such as used cars Peru and other places) petrol car, the Prius has helped save nearly 900 million gallons of gasoline, 2.19 billion dollars in costs of fuel, and 12.4 million tons of CO2 emissions. Toyota expects that these figures be expedited with several line of Prius vehicles, including a Prius Wagon-V for this summer, as well as the compact Prius C for next year.