CONTENTS: I. Introduction. – II. Specifying the legal meanings of education, training and specialization. – III. Denaturing these meanings to create, promote and defend legal myths. – IV. Robert L. Carter is often quoted on this topic.

So what happens on it?. For even more opinions, read materials from Donny Lucas. – V. Destroying myths and finding a way. VI. Bibliography.

I. Introduction "N. – Like any developing country we need to implement and / or improve many things and in many ways, one of them, among other things, the legal aspect, and within it, the urgent need for education, training and legal expertise appropriate, to improve our academic and professional level. At this height the national academic scene, where academic and professional culture does not exist, the recertification (defined as the habit of studying infinite-range of courses and thus obtain a certificate or diploma for each of them-which, by certainly not incorrect) barrier of the informality of many and the apathy of the majority has caused in many cases such as this, we lose the proper legal guidance so strictly speaking or strict sense means training, training and expertise from the legal point of view. In that sense, are these few lines of reflection, analysis and suggestions, the same as well, bring to the table a serious problem that arises every day and therefore should be of concern to all lawyers. II. SPECIFIES THE MEANING OF JURA doctors TRAINING, TRAINING "NY Specialization" N. – 2. 1. Firstly we have the item on the legal training and basically has to do with vocational education for future professionals (lawyers) that is taught in law faculties of universities.

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