Except for the subject of Forensic Medicine, which is common and has its own facilities during the second cycle teaching of clinical subjects is divided into three independent groups by drawing lots among the three special hospitals in the city: Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena (Seville known as “University Hospital”, for being the first), Hospital Universitario Virgen del Roc o and Hospital Universitario Virgen de Valme . In practice, academic freedom means that there are differences between the evaluation systems for the same subject between different teachers, this being a situation that worries the students apparently injured.Typical of this campus is that the University has never provided to teachers of second cycle of its own infrastructures in buildings of the University (personal offices, library, archives, laboratories, secretarial services, room, meeting etc.) Taking them to settle physically dispersed offices, sometimes connected by telephone, and small enclosed area that management of each hospital gives the best. In this undergraduate course taught under its projection diseases medically or surgically. Some subjects (knowledge areas) are mandatory and are called core and others are optional, with which the student is advised by completing their curriculum. There is a tangled intersection of both the teacher competencies as equipment. Formal lectures (knowledge and scientific methodology) depend on the assets of the University (classrooms, animal care, , library, video library).Practical teaching is done dispersed healthcare facilities (hospitals, polyclinics) and with the consent and support of staff of the Andalusian Health Service. The University must meet annually to SAS a fee per student for academic use and enjoyment of learning material provided by the hospital. The faculty, accred by the College, appropriate (a) of the University (staff public doctoral degree): professor, professor, (b) engaged the Andalusian Health Service Officer (Regulations): Associate Professor CIS , mainly in charge of practical classes and field work (practical tutor). (c) is also absurd LRU foreign lecturers hired part-time regardless of the Faculty of Medicine whose work is complex location within the structure of the faculty teaching that, as mentioned, does not have its own infrastructures in the second cycle. No independent intermediate figures employed (vg. consultant, prof.Visitors etc.).. Teaching hospital for each unit explaining the program, test and final grades with the democratic principles of academic freedom and responsibility of a tenured professor in the Department integrated together. The sick and teaching on applied research (clinical trial) in the second cycle necessarily depend on updating equipment and facilities provided by University Hospitals Andalusian Health Service (SAS), in his opinion . For the calculation of suitability in the early agreements were used in his day the module number of students / hospital bed. But modern medicine has more technology than beds. The student, as well as posted his white coat, you should understand a basic technology in the public domain and see how measurements are performed and the data are judged on their books studied.Despite the academic canon, the allocation of new units or advanced educational technology assessment criteria due exclusively to persons appointed by the Ministry of Health . Some areas of knowledge of university hospitals have imported sophisticated equipment of high technological level that are aired to public knowledge. These oasis of innovation show the dependence of foreign know-how. The gap between the pace of industry developments and launches real absorptive capacity and filtering these by the academic sector accounts for the fragmentation typical specialist / superspecialists / technical environment that is so expensive . There is in the pipeline Andalusian Biocluster although 60-70 of clinical trials are conducted in Catalonia and Madrid. SASbeing created at the Virgen del Rocio Hospital Annex biomedical research center, funded in part by European funds Feder provided by the University of Sevilla , which has co-opted to prestigious undergraduate university teachers for basic research. 30 The university authority resides in Rector and Faculty level, the Dean, Vice Deans in his team, the Faculty Council and the Departments and comes from an elective system.