We have entered a global economy where not only jobs, but whole industries are coming and going at a speed never before imagined. Many people who suffer during this period of rapid economic change do not seem to understand what is happening. Many have been educated with the old ideas of the industrial age that no longer work. They are upset and angry that they are unemployed, or working in jobs completely different from their training or previous experience. What are baffled by the speed of change and are often angry or depressed. To succeed in today’s job market must be flexible. Be laid off or fired is not personal in our rapidly changing economy. It is a fact of life.

It simply means that because the level of sales activity, the company can no longer afford to stay. Their job is to find a place where their contribution is worth more than the salary you need to achieve your goals, support your lifestyle, and plan for retirement. There are always jobs for the creative minority. You never have to be unemployed if you do one of three things: change the work they are offering to do, change where they are offering to work, or change the amount they are asking for their services. If there is demand for their knowledge and experience, you have to learn to do something else and provide skills that are in demand at the moment. Employers do not care about his past. They only care about its future and its ability to add value to their customers.