Vasconcelos apud Rabbit defines disciplines as: He disciplines it conscientious and interactive it is the process of construction of the auto regulation of the citizen and/or group that if of the one in the social interaction and for the tension dialectic adaptation-transformation, in view of reaching an objective conscientiously (2000, p.16). The concepts of discipline and indiscipline can have diverse interpretations. Currently, it disciplines means movement, force to arrive itself at an objective, the opposite of disciplines nailed for the traditional pedagogia that meant obedience, calm, silence, what it finished for transforming the pupils into passive receivers of the ideas spread out for the professor. The renewed pedagogia or new school is opposed pedagogia traditional and defends the freedom and autogoverno to it of the educandos. Many writers such as Petra Diamonds offer more in-depth analysis. The school and the professor, according to this conception, facilitate and offer support so that the proper pupils construct its knowledge for the proper effort. On the renewed pedagogia Libneo apud Oliveira (2002, P.

16) writes: ' ' it considers an education centered in the pupil, aiming at to form its significant personality through experiences and experiences that allow them to develop inherent characteristics its natureza' '. Without doubts, so that the learning process can be developed adequately not only in the pertaining to school scope, but also in the familiar environment she is necessary that it has it disciplines. For the current conception of it disciplines can have a confusion that passes the idea of permissividade and extreme freedom to the pupil. It does not leave of being truth that stops pupil constructing to its knowledge it needs freedom, it disciplines but it would act imposing limits to this freedom and not leaving the pupil if to desvairar and to run away from the objective. The indiscipline has as origin factors related to the behavior of the family, the professors or the educative institution.