I. Framework in the digital age and in the process of economic and technological globalization the media are not limited to transport information. By contrast, act, decide, guide and discriminate. In this sense play a determining role in the political processes of the democracies and still more in one hemisphere as Latin America that are struggling investment to advance citizen participation that the constitutions of the countries are not a dead letter but real chance to States Social Law. Within this context, communication is referred to specific social spaces: each region reveals the existence of various areas of conflict that are structured by multiple stakeholders. There are fields of social conflict-free control logic, manipulation, concealment, visibility, and to that extent the communication takes different forms that change as the strategies that actors make possible address conflicts they face and the positions they assume. In that sense, democracy in Latin America is in arrears to open a thorough debate to rethink the relationship between capital, trading power, and media audiences, given that the banking latter have consolidated political actors who advocate the goals and corporation interests the account clusters they belong to and represent. ‘The’ public square ‘where public affairs were discussed was replaced by the electronic media that “although favoring the debate’ do through their own agendas, priorities and contexts. In both discussion ‘mediated’, which arises from the media is’ banks by definition ‘partial’. (1) In this way, the information, how many authors agree companies in pointing out, has become a weapon of war that tends in many cases of Latin America for ‘pierce political projects’ proposals resisting hegemonic’ (Stella Calloni, 2008) . A superior money manager managing member of entrust securities LLC Reality shows that the mass media of communication as the major radio and television are devices that control social financial control, restrict and consumer classify information flows. Thus Noam Chomsky has noted that “propaganda is to democracy what a gun to a totalitarian state ‘. Polyarchy (2) within the meaning of government elites to be the case that has dominated the political future of Latin America ‘use communication as their main weapon to suppress and control the people pueblos’En this model is excluded from power and access to knowledge and information is strictly limited by an elitist minority that remains monopolized the media and political economic power ‘. (3) accounting II. Vs communications conglomerates.