The Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Guerrero was initially established on 31 May 1974 when the H. University Council of State University approved the establishment of the Medical School and had the city gives way to Acapulco, Gro., Mexico. As the month of commencement of work the month of September of that year, all based on “SOCIAL MEDICINE FOR THE PEOPLE”. For many decades the curriculum of the university remained unchanged, it is noted that the curriculum was very comprehensive in regards to clinic. However the creation of that power came at a time of social instability within the state with its creation and what students were ground for opposition and persecuted by many social currents of the state at the time, so I conclude the consolidation of the same faculty, whose students had even more love for the arts in medical professional development.Moreover, the consolidation of the medical school resulted in increased demand for the race by reaching youth of that time in those days to have groups of more than 100 students of medical students today with the certification process by the evaluation COMAEM and place one by CIEES medical school has an enrollment of approximately eleven hundred students, who are taking the new curriculum that was established in 2003 as a reform to new trends and demands of the country in terms of education and quality of general practitioners. Top doctors who gave the medical school of the Autonomous University of Guerrero are: (1) Dr. Garzon Victor Hugo Barrientos (Oncologist, former chief resident of the I Century National Medical Center and former head of surgery at the State Cancer Institute) (2) Dr.Richard Toledo Arroyo (Cardiologist former chief resident at the Hospital de Cardiolog a Luis M ndez, “the CMN Siglo I) (3) Perla Del Carmen Palacios Hernandez (Ex-chief of geriatric residents National Institute of Nutrition and ex-Secretary of Federation of State Medical) Dr. Ma Alejandra Cueva S nchez (Dermatologist) Dr. Daniel Alvarez Sandoval (Neurosurgeon) Dr. Laura Sierra Lopez (Pathologist) Dr. Elva Veronica Labra Jardon (Pediatrician) Dr. Antonio Reyes (Anesthesiologist) Today day of medical school at the Autonomous University of Guerrero is in the process of changes in the curriculum refers to having as adviser to renowned pediatrician and professor of medicine Jose Venturelli, who is professor emeritus at McMaster University in Ontario , Canada-based medical education programs for skills. (1) File folder Siglo I, State Institute of Cancer “Dr. Arturo Beltran Ortega and UAG file(2) File folder Siglo I IMSS. (3) Files and records of the National Institute of Nutrition and Medical Sciences.