No one doubts the effect which the family, school, peer group in what the child thinks and feels about health. But also, to have compulsory schooling to 16 years, the school becomes a socializing agent for excellence in the time it awakens their interest in these issues. It will form peer groups, where decisions, attitudes to situations, values, and have formed their own making. On the other hand, those engaged in education we must know the curriculum that we teach and it is envisaged the following objectives: 1 to form an adjusted image of itself, its features and capabilities and develop activities independently and balanced, valuing the effort and overcoming the difficulties. 2 Interacting with others and participate in group activities with supportive and tolerant attitudes overcoming inhibitions and prejudices, recognizing and valuing differences in such critical social and rejecting discrimination based on differences of race, sex, social class, beliefs and other individual characteristics or social.

3rd Know and understand the basics of the functioning of body and of the consequences to individual health and collective actions and personal decisions and assess the benefits they bring the habits of exercise, hygiene and a balanced diet and lead a healthy life. 4 Social changes affecting the family is society in flux and change, and the school also. Sometimes school is the promoter of this change but more often it is she who adapt to the changes occurring in society. In recent decades, there have been significant advances in the technology world in science, in philosophical thought, and all these advances influence inevitably in the way of thinking and living to feel and act in the people who compose it.