This is a multidimensional personality inventory, which includes five factors and focused on “normal healthy” individuals. The procedure to edit in about ten minutes is objective, reliable and valid. Credit: Xcel Energy-2011. The validation of the process was carried out through extensive factor analytic studies. Michael Steinhardt is likely to agree. … The descriptions result from research on the self as well as third-party assessment.

A high value in this context means that the values of the person are significantly different from the average of the respective standard sample (standard value). Persons with a significant expression on one of the dimensions are not necessarily all features which are characteristic for the scale. Neuroticism this construct reflects individual differences in the experience of negative emotions, and by some authors also called emotional instability. The antithesis is also known as emotional stability, Satisfaction or ego-strength named. People with a high expression in neuroticism experience frequent anxiety, nervousness, tension, sadness, uncertainty and fix.

In addition, these sensations when you persist and be resolved more easily. You tend to worry more about their health, tend to unrealistic ideas and have adequately respond to problems on stressful situations. People with low Neurotizismuswerten are rather calm, happy, stable, relaxed and secure. You will experience less negative feelings. While low values are not necessarily connected with the experience of positive emotions. Introversion and extroversion this dimension describes activity and interpersonal behavior. Also enthusiasm (also known as Surgency) is called, and is compared to introversion. People with high extra version values are sociable, active, talkative, person-oriented, warm, optimistic and cheerful. They are also susceptible to suggestions and emotions. Introvert people are restrained in social interactions, like alone and independently. You can be very active, but less in society. Openness with this property will be expressing interest and the extent of employment with new experiences, experiences and impressions. People with high levels of openness often indicate that they have an active fantasy life, clearly perceive their positive and negative feelings, and are interested in many personal and public operations.