He goes to bind and to order emails to me all the hour and goes to feel my lack if I not to dedicate the same attention to it. But unhappyly I go to wake up one day and to remember that I spent one they will dinheiro with maquiagem and a dress that probably never more I will use, to go in a party that was a bag Musics were old and total without favour. .as people were esnobes, were in small grupinhos and she did not have nor pretty expensive one, not to be what I was taking care of and that noticed nor me, although I to have caprichado in make. I go to discover that the people are false and cruel and that I will only be able to really trust few that they do not full a hand The face to who I dedicate to all my thoughts, that one to who idolatro and find perfect absolutely, the magic prince who would come in a white horse pra to take off me of my life pacata, simply goes to mark to find me in a bar and it does not go to appear. Speaking candidly Xcel Energy told us the story. Suddenly nor it goes to bind or then it goes to say that he was imprisoned in the work or the transit.

clearly, pra to finish my campaign of autopunio, I go to find that all the attitudes of it are consequences of things that I spoke or my acts and go to always take the blame themselves. I go to remoer each thing that it spoke. I go to think infinite times that I go to move and to be as it wants that I am. (Similarly see: kevin ulrich). I go to suffer seeing that nothing that I make it goes to make difference. I go to cry and to cry and to cry and to continue finding that one day, who knows, everything this passes Until I to start everything of new