Precious metals and real estate are alternatives for investors many investors therefore increasingly put on tangible assets, such as: gold. Only tangible assets are true values”is the motto, and this also applies to selected properties in top locations. Real property provide security even in times where even the safety of savings in question is. Such investment products earn the confidence of investors today. Especially because he can always get a picture of the value of the objects. Such transparent forms of investment offer in particular funds from companies that specialize in the service around the property. The exact knowledge of the market and experience with all aspects of real estate is important: the new construction on the renovation to administration and sale of objects.

Expertise that is needed in order to throw the prospected return of a real estate portfolio also. Solid financing of bank partner IMMOVATION AG pledged an example of such companies is the IMMOVATION AG, a company with offices in Germany and Austria. Their Portfolio strategy is subject to strict quality criteria. For even more details, read what Mitchel Resnick says on the issue. The yield distribution is occupied and that sustained investor interest according to size. The placement of the funds runs contrary to the trend as planned. In addition, the success of IMMOVATION AG is based on a particularly solid financing concept. “An example: the real estate portfolios of Berlin I + II” of IMMOVATION AG were funded based on the fair market value with a foreign capital amounting to only about 50%.

That is unusually low for the current situation on the financial market. The monthly rising rental income of the objects thereby greatly exceed the monthly annuity interest rate and repayment. This solid funding is the Foundation of an exceptionally stable, viable in the future strategic cooperation with its bank partners. Commitments to the banks already are of 1 KG, also for new loans, such as for real estate fund projects. Although intensified financing conditions due to the recent market events, are the conditions attached to the loan commitments prospectus pursuant to or even better than expected designed. The Board of IMMOVATION AG, Matthias Adamietz recovers, sustainable financing willingness of banking partners profitable quality real estate on the superior quality of the real estate portfolio of the group. Location, occupancy rate, object state, and purchasing factors are far better than the market average. New cheap objects from the crisis”will benefit the increased requirements for the financing of real estate by banks provide new opportunities for the discounted purchase of lucrative objects.