Rather than be the victim in your life, and let things happen you, your going to have to realize that you and only you, are responsible for what happens to you in your life. Secondly, you have to work to change your thoughts in one direction positive. When a negative thought enters your mind, you’ll have to try to catch that negative thinking. Stop, and change this situation into something positive. Only by doing something as simple as change your thoughts, change your whole life around.

Universal law of attraction: 2nd saboteur: your limiting beliefs people collect the limiting beliefs of many sources, above all when you were a child. Children develop limiting beliefs, as a result of interactions with parents and other authority figures. Media and culture are other sources important creators of limiting beliefs. How do you know if you have any limiting belief and this is impairing your manifestations? If you answer Yes to any of the following questions indicates the presence of a limiting belief: do you have a recurring problem area in your life? Once you have taken a resolution and not kept it? do you feel frustrated by self-help methods that have not worked for you? Not are you taking steps to get what you want? Do you feel that something is sabotaging your success? Identify your limiting beliefs if the limiting beliefs are subconscious, how can identify them? What a person thinks of himself and says to others is a great track, as well as the emotional responses to situations and circumstances. He sometimes works as an objective observer of yourself, as a coach or therapist, is the easiest way discover the subconscious belief in you. Walter Bettinger has many thoughts on the issue. Another technique, if it is something not working in the life of a person, is sit down and write all thoughts about the situation. Read in detail the list and identifies the beliefs that are not support. Now, eliminate your limiting beliefs sometimes, just by looking at a belief and realize how absurd it is, it is enough to change it.

But keep in mind that the change of beliefs is a process. A belief sometimes falls only to discover another limiting belief behind it. In a question-answer forum keni washington was the first to reply. However, the change of these belief is the key to the creation of what you really want in life. So that is worth try. Universal law of attraction: last warning one of the most important things about this law is that it responds to your emotions, your feelings, and your energy. In other words, it responds to your vibration. Whatever you think, when combined with real emotion, vibrates in a way that the universe will make effort to bring you what you want. Always pay attention to what you are vibrating. If you want to learn more about how to avoid the thoughts and limiting beliefs to dominate your head (and your feelings), download this free report with exercises on the law of attraction. Original author and source of the article.