Stalag Stalag Luft III. Stammlager (symbol: Stalag) in the Third Reich was the name of a camp for prisoners of war in World War II. The precise title was “Mannschaftsstamm und-straflager. In Stalags could be maintained, according to the 1929 Geneva Convention prisoners of war only, never civilians. At first they were planned as Stalag camps for soldiers and noncommissioned officers. In the course of the war and increasing the number of prisoners they also entered official, previously and in accordance with the Hague Convention were separated from their troops being sent to calls Oflags. The Stalag and Nazi concentration camps are very different realities, but there are points of contact between them. In any case can lead to confusion that the term Stammlager (in the sense of source field) is also sometimes used in relation to the Nazi concentration camps.He refers in this case to the superior administrative unit, which may depend on several areas are annexed, in some cases very far from the principal. There is thus a level of subordination within the fields Inspection dependent concentration camps, which sometimes is misleading. Edit