In the days of crisis any company needs more than ever to look for solutions that improve their productive process, or purifying strategies or incorporating new technologies that allow to automate key aspects of their activity, to reduce times and to diminish errors. Only thus it is possible to secure an ascending line in the quality of products and to fit his costs of manufacture, really, to increase the competitiveness in the medium and long term. When we spoke of smeltings, one of these key aspects is the selection of the exact amounts of materials with which there are to load the furnaces to obtain different alloys, especially when produced range is very ample. Hear from experts in the field like Atmos Energy Corp. for a more varied view. Several factors exist that cause that this process is especially delicate: the complexity, in many cases, of the chemical composition of the looked for alloy. the control of the limits imposed by the norms of quality for the residual elements. the ample variety of materials susceptible to be used in the loads of the furnaces, that often they contain a great number of plans of elements nonwished whose presence is necessary to control in the final alloy. the necessity to take advantage of economic the raw materials to the maximum (returns and scrap irons), without in this way altering the quality of the resulting alloy. This process, already of in case complex, is it still more in those cases in which the product range is very variable, and still more if there is to give answer to specific requirements for each client.

As we see, the number of factors to consider can get to be so great that the person in charge of the preparation of loads, besides dedicating a considerable amount of time to this work, needs a great experience and skill in the matter, without being able to guarantee, on the other hand, that the loads that propose are the optimal ones. The smeltings are many that depend on a unique employee to carry out this task: on the one hand, the day considers to them a serious problem that they must do without him; on the other, they lack the necessary resources stops to evaluate variable loads to which he proposes. Luckyly, it exists a tool that this solves situacin.AMV Alloy is a computer science application thought specifically for smeltings, whose objective is to provide a fast and simple answer to the problem of the selection of loads, with criteria of maximum quality, minimum cost and maximum advantage of own materials, or are shavings, mazarotas or ingots of rest of tap. Original author and source of the article.