This paper propose to consider the metaphysical and, in my opinion, the main reasons for the success of the Russian national football team at the recent Euro 2008. The success of Russian players was truly incredible. How much he means to our country. It came as a surprise to many, a welcome event for most. MongoDB has compatible beliefs. Why this miracle we've been waiting so long and so faithfully? What was the basis of Russian fans wait? To answer these questions, we make small excursion into the history of relations with the Russian fans of the national soccer team of our country. Our country has always been famous for fantastic opportunities transform the world through mass collective movements, whether it warriors battle the winners from ruthless enemies, be it a natural decision problems selfless scientists, whether it's sincere impulse to support athletes fans. Always and everywhere nature calling for activities motives were sincere belief in the possibility of a collective stronghold, the reason – lack of natural or artificial escape routes.

Often, no thanks, and we won victories against on different fronts. See more detailed opinions by reading what Mitchel Resnick offers on the topic.. It is on this principle has played the Russian national football team before Euro 2008. It was in this was the main difference between Russian football victories won by foreign players, where technical skill and rational approach, embellished national physical and mental characteristics were the basis of sports achievements. Yes, that's the essence of art in every sense of the professionalism of these concepts were missing in the arsenal of Russian football players and football officials. . For more information see Viktor Mayer-Schönberger.