The impairment assessment is a growing labor activity in Spain. The Law 30/1995 of 8 November, Administration and Supervision of Private Insurance, and Law 34/2003 of November 4, Modification and Adjustment Community Standards Law of Private Insurance, the system provides baremaci n to repair the injury caused by reason of the movement of motor vehicles. In this Schedule lists, with varying degrees of scientific accuracy, a number of possible effects that belong entirely on their description and classification of medical science. The Act specifies that in the determination and realization of permanent injury and temporary disability as well as the health of the injured will require medical report. BODY DAMAGE CONCEPT The concept of bodily harm resulting from the confluence of two perspectives, the medical and legal. The name is known bodily harm “any somatic or mental impairment which, in one form or another, disturbing, threatening or health worry the sufferer, or simply limit or prejudice the integrity of concerned because in the organic and in functional “is enough any diminution of the integrity of individual biology, regardless of its practical impact on one or more fields of human activity (M. Rodriguez, 1991). Another author most recently (Hernandez Cueto, 1997), we defined it as “the consequences that a particular traumatic event has had on the psychological and physical integrity and health of a person. When the trauma is attributable to a third party, he is obliged to respond to these consequences, whether criminal, civil, labor and administrative disputes. The competent court shall determine the compensation for damage, needed to do this, providing objective data on it.The medical expert’s action is intended to show as accurately as possible the consequences of a traumatic event has had on the psychological and physical integrity and health of a person. The medical expert’s report has important and far-reaching effects on the individual warrants. Thus, in the penal legal classification of the event giving rise to the injury and therefore the possible penalty that just may arise will depend on the objectively required to have injured his health and a first aid optional medical or surgical treatment. This is perhaps the most controversial concept as it has different meaning for doctors and lawyers. In the field of civil liability offense, it is obvious to note the significance of expert reports in the determination of the amount of possible compensation. Finally, in labor, numerous surveys of high challenge required on medical disability claim or invalidate labor, etc.