Many academics are unable to handle the possibility that ships traveling the oceans, and in the excavation Franchithi Cuevas showed that the fishing fleets of 13,000 a. C. community. It was even difficult for most to accept the Celts at the time of Caesar had this technology at that time despite the words of Caesar. Some people think knowledge once gained is never lost, but that is far from true.

Barry Fell was a Harvard Professor of Oceanography before I got the bug to expose the truth. Some (like the Wise, in Journal of Archaeology 'Camelot in Kentucky article 2001) fell to the ridiculous "self-taught" in matters such as Ogham. The truth is, Fell took one of the only small courses available at the time of the University of Edinburgh. Who can really know the truth from academics that hide it? His name became the land in the academic world, but his legacy of America BC and Bronze Age America has been a sweet vindication. Here's a little of the history of its problems, which is presented for more reasons than just the obvious need to strengthen the existence and loss of Celtic Seacraft technology. The rise and fall of Celtic sea power has been strangely neglected (Although the film 'Spartacus' shows Kirk Douglas organized way to Italy from the Celtic Celtic Galatians churches and dates back to the days of Punt who ruled the sea. ) For most historians and archaeologists as to the system a lot of skepticism at first I began to report Celtic inscription in the U.S..