From a psychological red string bracelet point of view, so fanaticism is the lust for total security of those who, deep down, feel existentially insecure. In this way they interpret some psychologists. For example, the kabbalah to Adler, bigotry is a compensation for a feeling of inferiority which negates the kabalah reason to the other. A mystical teacher is Is a spiritual teacher and guide Following this line psicologicista, Freud, unrest in 72 names of god the culture, says that man is divided between two tendencies: the desire for happiness and the kabbalah desire for security. Our consciousness of individuals is the reason why we feel lonely, as well as the embodiment of evil is the source of disease. Thus, for pursuit of happiness may be to abolish the requirement of both facets.
The consciousness of individuality is obliterated by the attenuation of the consciousness of self, on mysticism the one hand, and by red string increasing their sense of belonging to the other. For first served alcohol jewish kabbalah and other drugs, sexual ecstasy, and so on. For the latter is the unconditional adherence to totalitarian sects and political or religious factions, leading to a delivery or a possessive lover. Body awareness is diminished by reducing creation center the body experiences and the devaluation of the world where the los angeles center living body develops.
Also Erich Fromm, throughout his prolific work, study and jewish mysticism attempt to explain fanaticism combining psychology and sociology. Their approach is kabbalah bracelet summarized in the famous title of his book Fear of Freedom, according to which all fanaticism is a regressive attempt to escape the rise of individual kabbalah string freedom and due to the fear that this spiritual center cause. Fear is the anguish of separation and isolation (loneliness) to grow, which is not resolved in a healthy manner by establishing ties with the red kabbalah other horizontal. It is, in short, the inability to love.
From the epistemological point of view, bigotry, curiously, it seems contrary to its relativism, inasmuch as it is for both the debate or the common search for truth. Fanaticism Cree have the truth so bluntly. He claims to have all the zohar answers and therefore no need to keep looking through the questioning of one’s ideas is that the criticism of others.
Fanaticism is therefore characterized by a study center Manichaean spirit and for being a great kaballah enemy of freedom. The places where there are areas where fanaticism is difficult to flourish, and where knowledge seems to stop cabalakabala the ongoing flow of life. A kabbalah red string world, ultimately, against the changeable human nature is sometimes meditation center yearns diria death. In fact, to Albert Camus in The Rebel, is a sort of more destructive nihilism.
The price to pay for the crystallization of thought engendered by fanaticism is expensive. The remoteness of the truth is one, because to deepen the knowledge must be open to discovering the truth of this in the other, from an intellectual cutting Socratic humility, with a dogmatic attitude is hard to go very far intellectually.
But there is another disadvantage that centre center it may be more compelling than the epistemological: that fanaticism has led to major wars and disasters. After numerous conflicts, wars, israel – center massacres, ethnic cleansing and injustice is the intolerance of many fans. This would have coincided in pointing out all the defenders of tolerance. Bigotry is to blame for kabbala these ills, which could be avoided with a spirit of universal brotherhood to accept the differences.

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