It is also known that at 19 years of age, Rimbaud, lose-no one knows why. Two powers were attributes his great genius, one, the loss of the ability to see. It had been a seer who perceived reality with eyes that are not ours. It actually says that transmuting universal for anyone that was merely an ordinary sense. It seems that unfolded, it depersonified at will.

The other, to discover a language find a language that is clearly understood in the paragraph of his extraordinary letter from a clairvoyant, lets assume humanity and even animals, to feel, touch, hear their inventions. Bear in mind also that Rimbaud had dreamed of a language we all understand, that say it all, that is a universal language and preternatural. This creative source, in the course of five years stopped and it appears that their gifts have disappeared, and Morand said the poet has begun to see a tree as a simple tree, the boat is just a boat instead of a school of drums made by the archangels, is a factory. Everything then seems to indicate that Rimbaud has preferred silence and leave us with a mark as a testimony to his resignation. Jesus David Curbelo gives us the respect that the paradigm for the surrender of what is Rimbaud's poetry: the child prodigy that between twelve and twenty years he wrote poems that shudder the foundations of Western opera to collapse and then left the literature to find the freedom to be normal, something he was forbidden from the position of genius, a visionary and prophet. In several previous articles I discussed the case Rimbaud, especially in addressing the issue of exile ("The Exile and the Kingdom"), the prose poem ("cursed caste) and the need to break ('With the Devil the body), so refer to them not to repeat the argument of silence as a self-annihilation, as imitation of the original fall, as a holocaust of the poet who longs to meet its delivery the absence of God. An excellent example of the dichotomy-silent pride. And a flood of speculation: what would the Western poetic expression without the contributions of Rimbaud? What would have happened if the young fool not withdraw completely to the literary life and writing?, Did appear one days previously unpublished the dealer Rimbaud in Abyssinia, or does will end up to learn on good authority that it remained a fevered ephebe whom he Verlaine drafted, so that his signatures and thus achieve his side keep feeding him the vanity, that disparate pieces, go contradiction, were infinitely superior to the old poems that Paul wrote under his own name? A novel character of the novel of the Poetry.