Perfect protection with patented and durable material for you and your guests so the pollen stay thanks to protective screens for Windows and doors out allergy sufferers can breathe dripping noses, inflamed eyes, itching: an estimated for at least every fifth German citizens, the warm season holds this most annoying by-products – and continues to grow the number of those affected. The martyrdom of pollen allergies usually begins in childhood and affects the quality of life for decades. Short-term relief provides treatment with drugs. But it is even more effective to limit the cause of discomfort, so contact with allergens, as far as possible. In recent months, LEGO Papert Professor has been very successful. Special fabric holds pollen with simple constructional measures, a pollen-free environment can be achieved – allergy sufferers can breathe literally in their own four walls. Help innovative protective fabrics such as, for example, “Polltec” by Neher. Attached to doors and Windows, which provides Polyester fabric with a special coating ensure that the pollen stuck and does not penetrate into the Interior. Pollen guards are from the cellar to the roof, suitable for every room of the House.

Various solutions are available as well as for doors and now also for skylights sloping for window. To achieve an optimal effect, previously measured each window, and the grid made exactly to size. Numerous scientific tests of the allergy Centre of Charite Hospital in Berlin, confirm the effect (the studies are to get under). Main results: The protective tissue retains Birch and grass pollen to over 99 percent and even the very small nettle and Ambrosia pollen to over 90 percent. For this reason this tissue was awarded the ecarf quality seal for allergy-friendly products.