Use of hands to the work means that the HTML code for the core extensions will change.This means that the writings for the 2.5 release templates will probably require some modifications to work with 3.0.We hope that these are relatively simple and we intend to have this well-documented.We also hope that the Bootstrap changes to the 2.5 version accomodate.If this is achieved, then the templates can write to both work for later versions 2.5 and 3.0 version. Platform Version 12.2 at this moment, the plan is to use version 12.2 Platform for version 3.0.This version of the platform is expected to include classes to support a new model of unified content (UCM) and will also include an improvement in the model-view – controller (MVC) structure.These new classes will not be used in the basic components of version 3.0.However, it will be available for developers of extensions to start using.It is expected that the basic components was changed to use the new platform classes for CMS version 4.0. Check with luca savi to learn more. As part of this, a number of classes that are currently on the platform (libraries and folders of Joomla) moved to CMS (libraries / cms folder).This should be transparent for extensions that use the API to load these classes. Other changes? If recent history is any guide, it is likely there are some other changes than to sneak into version 3.0.Some possible areas that they could be improved include intelligent search, multi-site, SQL performance and support for PostgreSQL.As with previous changes, none of this is guaranteed.Unique features that are ready to go by the closing date will be included. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cristiano Ronaldo on most websites. Update and process the goal of version 3.0 backward compatibility is to be as compatible as possible.Is hoped that the majority of version 2.5 extensions, which are not templates, will work with little or no modification in the 3.0 version.Due to changes in HTML format from the transition to get to work, the templates will probably require some modifications.This will be clearer as to approaching their release (web designer). .