Helpful information is one of the topic performance analysis the subject of performance diagnostics for decades to the most controversial topics from the field of sports medicine. Performance diagnosis in sport is currently sporting performance diagnosis in the broadest sense, strictly standardized the lactate understood. First, the sports medicine performance diagnosis almost exclusively for athletes with competitive ambitions was suitable. In recent years the diagnosis of sporting performance moves more and more into the foreground of the leisure-oriented grassroots. Hardly a football team is not geared to lactate. The performance diagnostics refers first and foremost on the endurance in the aerobic anaerobic transition.

It is area the lactate a cascading performance test in sub Maxi painting. This means that the data obtained are achieved without load. However, the test is performed almost always up to the maximum limits. The performance diagnostics referred to stand type on the basis of a Laktatstufentests determined. The athletes start doing at a speed corresponding to the current level of performance.

Every 3 minutes will increase the speed to a certain amount. After each interval, heart rate and lactate are measured and recorded in the blood. The values on the basis of a Laktatleistungskurve are evaluated at the end of the test. Athletes with high performance it typically show a rise of Laktatwertes at higher speeds. The performance diagnostics aims at determining the anaerobic threshold. It is that point in the energy supply, switches on the synthesis of energy in aerobic (see consumption of oxygen) to anaerobic (without oxygen consumption). The Laktatleistungskurve is subject to some crucial criteria. Thus, the food intake before starting the test causes a decisive influence on the Laktatbildung in the body. The extraction of carbohydrates causes a shift of the lactate curve to right and therefore suggests an increased efficiency. Some athletes take this advantage. Also the history plays a crucial role. To run highest standards guarantee the test condition should be kept always the same. Sports clubs use frequently to determine the performance diagnostics inter-individual differences. This is however limited, a performance diagnosis is therefore more suited to intraindividual differences using a re test. Her Tobias Kasprak performance diagnostics Frankfurt